Gave Birth 5 months ago and I still cant Get my

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Hello, I gave birth 5 month ago and I still cant get my blood pressure to what it use to be 130/80 now its 140/87!! What's wrong.. I seem to get nervous about things like this.. Does this happens to some people after giving birth.. what can I do.. Hypertension does run in my family...

Any Suggestions?

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Can I ask if you had gained some weight? Maybe your weight is up a little/more that it is affecting your blood pressure? Are you holding fluid? Are you nursing?



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Hi, I did gain some weight I was always thin and I still am.. But most of the weight is in my midsection I still look pregnant.. I just started exercising again.. No im not breast feeding..

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Might be exhausted....Stressed...Just a thought from someone who worked full time nights and at one point ( all a blur to me now) had blood pressure elevations when I had three babies under age 3....It did resolve afterwards.....How has your thyroid been? Around that time thyroiditis leading to hypothyroidism, was discovered in me via a routine lab test...


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you said High Blood pressure runs in your family. sometimes, people become hypertensive in pregnancy and it does not completely resolve afterward--- Especially folks with a history of hypertension in their families. Some develop a condition called "superimposed pregnancy-induced hypertension", meaning they had a hypertensive condition prior to pregnancy and went on to develop PIH on top of that. YOU could be one of those unfortunate folks.

Review your dietary and exercise habits carefully, keeping a diary if necessary. Follow up with your doctor for close monitoring. If it does not resolve with diet and exercise alone, you may need medication for a while. Point is, you are smart enough NOT to let it go. GOOD FOR YOU! I hope you do better and feel well. Good luck.


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Deb, just wanted to comment in your story about your grampa. I loved it. What perfect advice and such a necessary lesson for today's work force and young people. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be sure to pass on the advice as well.


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Here is a thought from a newbie...

Are these BPs taken at the MDs office??? Maby a little white coat syndrome??? I am not trying to discount the idea that you may have HTN, but have you tried taking your BP when you are relaxed? I know some grocery and drug stores have the monitor, try it there along with watching your diet, exersize and fluids.

And of course, follow up with your PMD.

Just a thought, hope you start feeling better soon.

PS Congratulations on the new addition to your family!!!


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thanks everyone for such great advice. ;)


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TY texas. I have gotten SO many nice compliments on my newest tagline. I remember Gramps fondly and with honor. I hope I can be 1/2 the person he was. He was an amazing human being.


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I agree with mother/baby--have your thyroid cked. I have recently found my TSH levels have increased after my 3 child. I have always had a goiter, but wnl lab values. It would be worth the ckup. I am going to an endocrinologist next month hope all goes well. Good luck relaxing with the new baby. Find some time for yourself!!!!

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I know if I don't exercise, my BP goes up. The best way for me to drop it at least 10 points, is to take the dog for a good brisk walk! Maybe you'll find the same thing happens for you, once you start exercising on a regular basis.


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Hi there, I also had good readings when ai was PG X2. But 4 months after I had my now almost year old son, It was higher. They checked me inside out even with a 6-hours ambulatory Bp reader. It was slight high-normal. They asked me to go elsewhere to rule out White coat syndrome, but..........still high. It DOES run in my family and now I am on medication at age 31. So better to check everything and be sure. Good luck, and congrats on the new arrival.

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