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  1. mommajoe

    Please give me advice

    Pray, pray, pray. If this is your journey let nothing stop you--only you know that. I got a clear message. I would never have made it thru nursing school had HE not wanted me to. I hated LD in nursing school because we were not allowed to do anything but watch. However after getting some experience under my belt on Medical/Surgical floor, birth of 1st child, and the death of my father (age 47)--I decided to try something new with the advice of my director of nursing. You will love caring for your patients---if it's meant to be. But don't worry about the time. Being Mom right now is very important---not to say you shouldn't go now. Most students who are at the top of their classes are under the most stress (work, family, etc). My best friend in college had 3 children, I had none and she did better than I did. Their are so many things you can do.... it's great being an LD nurse!!! I wouldn't trade anything for my experiences in LD.
  2. mommajoe

    Gave Birth 5 months ago and I still cant Get my

    I agree with mother/baby--have your thyroid cked. I have recently found my TSH levels have increased after my 3 child. I have always had a goiter, but wnl lab values. It would be worth the ckup. I am going to an endocrinologist next month hope all goes well. Good luck relaxing with the new baby. Find some time for yourself!!!!
  3. mommajoe

    What RNs REALLY earn $$

    I just hate to hear how teachers complain about making such low salaries. My mom has been a teacher for approximately 20 years and still continues to complain about pay. Hey, my thoughts are why don't you try working all summer long and a whole lot less days off. Don't get me wrong I love what I do and don't want to teach in a public school, but teaching does have benefits as far as time off!!!
  4. mommajoe

    Night Shift And Cancer

    Hey, I work at night and I also love it. I have been FTE and now PTE for the last 6 years. I have a wonderful husband who is able to care for our 3 children at night. I have a 11 year old son, a 7 year old daughter and a 15 month daughter. I will admit it is not always the perfect schedule but it is better than 12 hour days for me. I am not really sure how much I would see my children if I worked days. It does do damage to the body, but the way I look at it God is in full control of how many days I get down here anyway. Working at night makes it wonderful to be able to be a day mom and a night mom at times. I get to go to all the school stuff and also have time for myself during the day after I sleep a while. Summer is hard on the body for sleep. I get hot sleeping and hate all of the sunrays that come in from the window, but fall and winter are great months for sleeping. I just chalk it up to "all in days work." I would not want to work in the day time due to all the politics and "outpatient" clinic in LD. However, working at night in a rural hospital in LD can be scary at times, but I have learned don't ever be afraid to call the MD for anything--he is getting paid... Right now it is working great, but who knows I always like to keep my doors open for anything new. I am considering going back to get my masters to teach nursing at a nearby college when my little one goes to school. Nursing is so versatile!!! Thanks goodness especially for those of us who love change. I have to admit the $$$$$ is great and also the flexibility. My job works with my schedule majorly... Night--time employees are hard to replace---doesn't hurt to use that to your advantage at times. Hey guess what those depositions are over thank GOD!!! I did OK. Thanks so much for all the help/advice/suggestions. Love, mommajoe
  5. mommajoe

    Advice please, another vbac question

    I have only had vaginal deliveries (3). Your biblical paraphrase on your post has much relevance to your situation---one concern I have is that you are pregnant with twins. Even if you are able to VBAC babyA you are not 100% sure that baby B will remain in a vertex position. At the hospital I work at you would be a c-section with no choice. So you have to understand my opinion is somewhat tainted due to the hospital I work at. I can understand that if you have already had several previous successful VBACs that you would want to try again. Let me know what you decide and I will pray for you and your nurse!!!!
  6. mommajoe


    Thanks so much everyone for your helpful and much needed advise. I esp. appreciate gator's and webbiedebbie's threads. It is so nice to know that our profession really cares about one another. This is a great website. Thanks to whoever created it!!! Just one more thing... how do you think you would answer and define such terms as: late decelerations, fhr baseline, variable decelerations, non-reassuring vs reassuring pattern, hyperstimulation. The lawyers take the strip minute by minute and you have to answer for each possible deceleration. I hate to keep this thread running for so long, but my mind continues to try to anticipate any possible question. I love being a LD nurse, but I sure don't won't to have to do this too much.
  7. mommajoe

    Pitocin after delivery

    We have 2 MD's. One prefers 10 units per 1000cc d5lr. We usually give about 200-300cc bolus then put the iv on the pump at 150cc/hr. He usually orders 1-2 bags postpartum. The other MD prefers 20 units of pitocin in d5lr 1000cc same above bolus. However if the patient was an induction--he wants 20 units added to the present bag of d5lr with 10units of pitocin added previously for the induction. I think that is a little much. But I have seen it done several ways. Sometimes if we didn't have time for an IV we have given pitocin 10units IM and it worked great. What about doubling and tripling the dosage for induction of PIH pts. do you do that?? I know it is necessary for PIH pts., but if there is any communication break down in report it could be too much pitocin.
  8. mommajoe


    Yes, one lawyer is representing the nurses. There are 3 nurses named in the case. We do not feel as though much preparation has been given. One nurse had malpractice ins., but not me. She did a great job of being neutral. It just seemed she tried very hard not to answer the question with anything though. Her definitions such as late decel/high risk were very vague. But maybe that is how it should be. I am very new to this lawyerEVIL world. They keep reminding us it is all about money$$$. I just don't won't to look like a fool. I happen to be the spotlight witness for the hospital as everyone calls me. It is not a nice place to be. 2 MD's have gone together against another one. Thanks so much for praying. I have prayed and prayed that I would honor my God with the deposition and that something good would come out of all this. I have been rescheduled now already 2 times. I know that God is preparing me, but it is still shakey ground. I went to a AWHONN conference last month. It is going to help greatly. Have a great night.
  9. mommajoe

    It's a small world:)

    About 5 years ago I worked with a male RN, he was actually the manager of our unit briefly before it closed. At the time we had a few differences, but on hind site--I think he was a great nurse. All of the patients really connected with him. It was very surprising for a rural area. I wish we had more!!!!
  10. mommajoe

    postpartum patient discharge

    At the hospital I work at, we--the nurses--ck for placement and make sure the infant is in the seat properly. We have many many hispanic/lower socioeconomic patients who purchase older car seats, so it is very necessary to ck placement of the baby and also in the car. It is a hassle sometimes but can be life saving for the infant.
  11. mommajoe


    Next week I will give my deposition for a case involving a CP baby. I was the L&D nurse for the 7p-7a shift. I have never given my deposition with the presence of video cameras/court stenographer/7 lawyers. Can anyone give some great advise on how to tell the truth in the presence of "mucho" intimidation. I was able to watch my fellow co-worker give her deposition about 1 month ago. It was not pleasant.