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Hi! I am a 1st semester BSN student. My nursing science course requires a research on a particular problem relevant to clinical nursing practice. My father had crohns so I am interested in finding... Read More

  1. by   LasVegasRN
    As a public site, we have to be leary of people who come on the board (who don't post regularly) asking medical questions. ESPECIALLY when they say "my Dad had..", "my brother had..", etc. Sounds like it's someone looking for info for themselves, or like some others who've come on here before looking for information to sue a practitioner. That's why we are leary.

    There is a Student Nurse forum that is more appropriate for the questions you are asking. In addition, the students are EXTREMELY helpful to each other in gathering information and helping each other with research topics. Of course, not knowing the board that well, it would stand to reason why you would post your question here.

    Consider posing your question this way:

    "Hi! I am a 1st semester BSN student. My nursing science course requires a research on a particular problem relevant to clinical nursing practice. I am looking for the opinion of experienced nurses who have dealt with different aspects of care for patients with Crohn's Disease - specifically, other measures of therapy besides drugs. Any insight you could give would be most appreciated.
    thank you!

    That way you are giving the reason for your post, what you are specifically looking for, and not raising any "red flags".

    Just trying to help.
  2. by   icudavis
    whether you were encouraging me to do or not....I have to do the research because I have to print out the articles for my paper. All I was asking for was clinical experiences. In any case, I knew of some of those issues, but I was not sure if there was anything else that nurses had to deal with that I was not aware of. And yes, I know of patient problem's due to the fact that my father was critical for 15 years!! What I did not know was what the nurse's job in caring for that kind of patient. I guess I just ask the question the wrong way. Anyway, I HAVE been working on this research paper for 2 weeks now...I have just been doing CINAHL searches like I was told....I just started doing web searches the day before yesterday. The way my instructor wants the printout is she wants us to do ONE search using all the keywords of ie: crohn's AND nutrition therapy AND research article and only print those from past 5 years plus the articles must be in top 10 results of search. yeah, sounds too. That is why, she asked me to talk with nurses to see if there are any "clinical problems" related to crohn's NOT patient problems! Well, I don't even know why I'm bothering to tell you doesn't matter... ...
  3. by   icudavis
    Hi Las Vegas Baby,
    I wasn't trying to cause problems....I was just needing some experienced answers. I have posted on the site before a couple of times, and I have never had any problems. I would have been happy with just someone saying sorry can't help, good luck researching....or ask a nurse in person.....since the other site does have student nurses....I thought I would post here to get an insight from experienced nurses. Once again, I am sorry...I guess next time I'll just ask a nurse in the family.

    Thank you so much for at least explaining...that was very sweet of you...and God bless!
  4. by   pebbles
    Control issues combined with anxiety.

    Some pt's, not all. (To some extent, many pt's in hospital at ALL have control issues, but I have noticed some that are specific to crohn's). Actually it even says this in my general med/surg book... that people with crohn's will have control issues... this comes from the anxiety with having less control over their bowel functions, etc. Worst with people who have symptoms such as bleeding or loose stools with lots of mucous.

    I don't see how these posts will help you, though, since you can't reference anonymous posts on some internet message board in an academic paper. Happy researching....
  5. by   icudavis
    Thank you instructor looked over my paper this morning, and she said the research articles that I found and printed were perfect. So, I don't have to search for anything more. I was just trying to locate some other issues to see if I could maybe narrow my results of case studies by looking for other pertinent issues besides nutrition therapy that nursing would be a part of.
  6. by   sunnygirl272
  7. by   frankie
    Look up Infliximab (Remicade) - Look at - CDC - FDA - there is plenty of information on the web for these patients. I administer Remicade daily, so I should know!
  8. by   Kyle's Mom
    If you need any insight from someone who has been suffering with Crohn's for 18 yrs, let me know. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. I've had so many other complications, other than strictly g.i. issues.
  9. by   Vsummer1


    I am a 1st semester ADN student. My nursing science course requires a research paper which incorporates an area that has to deal with the nursing aspect of the topic. This paper will be 3 sections, one on research (I have done that) one on personal experience (I have done that part too). What I am looking for in the third section is the opinion of experienced nurses on how stress affects them in their jobs. I have read many posts here, but was wondering if anyone would like to be paraphrased for my paper on stress and how you feel it has affected your nursing practice. Any insight you could give would be most appreciated.
    Thank you!

    As a side note, I noticed a thread on a study being done on just this topic, but unfortunatly the study is in progress so I will not be able to use its results. So, I thought some of you who are really out there working could offer some insight. If not, I am a great BS'er and can do it just from my observations of the stress you all vent here without any paraphrasing at all.... I just thought it would be nice to ask you all first!

    Originally posted by Vsummer1
    No flame suit needed!

    (But I would start a new thread about it. Just because it will get more attention in it's own thread than it will stuck at the end of this thread!)

    P.S. Word it just the way you did above! Wonderful!

    Oh crap, nevermind! I just saw your other thread.

  13. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Oh crap, nevermind! I just saw your other thread.

    Yes, I put it in the STUDENT forum and no answers. So, I copied this and brought it back up to the top again today. STILL no answers. Maybe I should piss you all off somehow and get at least some reaction!

    Actually, I think I have enough just reading the threads. You see, Brian has this wonderful button I can press that puts the threads in printable form. So, either way I get the stress stuff from the board and can reference the thread in the paper. I just thought it would be nice TO ASK and actually get someone to VOLUNTEER their insight instead of "stealing" it unwittingly from poster's who are venting. I would actually prefer to use volunteered information, but if I can't get it that way, this IS A PUBLIC FORUM right?

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