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Future College Plans...help!


Good evening everyone!

So I just got back into school after 2 years wasted doing nothing but working, then again I'm only 22. So, my question is short and simple and looking for the best advice. I'm interested in the nursing program, have been for pretty much hs graduation. Now would it be a wise decision to get my bachelors degree, then go into a one year accelerated nursing program? I'm also thinking about occupational therapy ..maybe having a bachelors in science would give me more options? I'm also in a hard place trying to get a good job, and on the lookout to get into a retirement home or nursing home. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...and a big hug too :woot:


Has 2 years experience.

Since you are undecided, I would say shadow both a nurse & an occupational therapist to see which one you like more. This will really help you see the different roles they both have in the healthcare field. As for jobs (for right now), you could get your CNA license and start working at a nursing home. Usually community colleges or even technical schools offer this training. Regardless of you pursuing nursing or occupational therapy, being a CNA will give you more experience.

How close are you to a bachelor's? Unless you are really close, I think it would be better to get the BSN (or an associates RN) rather than the bachelors and then accelerated BSN.

I second the shadowing nurses and OT. Do a min of ten hours for each and maybe more than one setting as each profession has many, many options for settings.

I would shadow a nurse and an Occupational therapist to see which one you want. But if you want the RN since it was something you wanted since HS, then I say get your pre-reqs done and apply everywhere :) Good luck.