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The FBI was looking for a few men or women to become snipers in a war. The sniper had to be willing to kill whoever and whenever (no ?'s asked) at the command. So, the first applicant (a male) goes in and the FBI explains this to the man. So "Your wife is out there in the waiting room. Here's a gun. Go kill your wife." The man said, "Sir, I cannot do that. There's no way. I love her too much." So he was sent away. The next applicant (also a man) comes in and the FBI tells him the same thing- "go kill your wife." The man says, "Sir, I will try, but I don't know if I will be able to do it." He goes into the waiting room, and then comes back saying "I just couldn't do it." He also was sent away. Finally, the third applicant (this time a woman) comes in. The FBI says the same thing to her- "go kill your husband." The woman takes the gun into the waiting room. The FBI (in the other room) hears a few small pecs and some muffled sounds. Then they hear VERY LOUD banging. They start to go in just as the woman comes back. She says, "What the hell was with these blanks?!? I had to beat the SOB to death with a chair!"

LMAO! :D :D I heard this from my mom a few minutes ago! Isn't it funny! :D


Good one, Pookie!! lol4.gif

(why grrrr?)

That was too funny.... Thanks for sharing it...


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:rotfl: :roll Who says we're the weaker sex:chuckle

Originally posted by Danamegg

(why grrrr?)

After I posted, I needed to edit. Instead of hitting edit, I hit quote. Then I got mad cuz I couldn't figure out why it was quoted! :D :D LONNNNNNG DAY YESTERDAY!

SOOOOO glad its Friday! :D


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heh heh heh heh............:)

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