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Does anyone have a list of funny overhead pages they have used or heard at your hospital? Sort of like "Paging Dr. Perry Colace. Dr. Perry Colace". Thanks so much! Angie


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The hospital I used to work at had an educational program each month that they called Grand Rounds. Invariably, the operator would announce, "Attention Employees Ground Rounds will begin at 2 pm."

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i once worked with an asian physician called dr. fuk. you can imagine what the hospital paging operators made of this!


[color=#4b0082]i worked with a dr. doctor -- his kids were olympic speedskating champs in the early 80s or late 70s. it was a little strange hearing "dr. doctor. dr. doctor" over the paging system.


[color=#4b0082]i think the funniest was years ago when i worked in boston. it used to take so long for the paging operators to answer the phones that we'd swear they were napping. one night one of our fellows was trying to reach the paging operator with no success. after listening to the phone ring about 40 times, he lost his temper, put the phone down and stalked off the unit. one of my co-workers picked up the phone and listened to the ringing continue about 100 more times. just about the same time the phone was hung up on the other end, we heard this page over the paging system: "jesus f****** christ! i can't believe you guys are doing that in here!" evidently someone bumped the wrong switch when our fellow burst in on them!


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one night they were paging the hospitalist to our floor in an emergency- "Dr Beatty to the Birth Center stat"

no too funny when you read it, but the way it was pronounced we ALL thought she said "Dr Baby"

We were wondering if the hospital had instituted a new name for an obstetric emergency without telling us (since in our hospital, a medical emergency is a "Dr Rush" and a code blue is a "Dr Cardio")

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Years ago I worked at a hospital where we paged "Dr. Strong" whenever we had to deal with a potentially violent situation. That was the cue for every male in the facility to come to the scene and present a "strong" front to discourage any further belligerence. It usually worked. :)

Just recently, we had a funny situation where a new employee was repeatedly trying to page a doctor overhead, and evidently didn't realize you can't hear yourself when you do this. We all broke up when she said, "Dr. May, pleeeeeeeeeze call 4240" for about the fifth time, then we heard a loud tapping sound overhead and "why the **** isn't this ***damn thing working??!!" :rotfl:


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Many years ago I worked at a hospital where the night supervisor number was 99.

An elderly man told his morning nurse that this was the nicest place that he had ever been. When she asked him why, he told her that the nice lady on the intercom kept telling him nighty night all night long!

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Friday afternoons, they would page "Liver Rounds will begin for the Medical/CTSurg/Surgical [whatever] Service in 15 mins". That meant "happy hour"!!!!



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Someone left the mic open for a few seconds after paging a could hear the guy say, "damn doctor, answer your page..":imbar

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