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Hello everyone! I am currently a first year nursing student and am very interested in doing a short medical mission through International Medical Relief nest summer when I am on break. I would be going as a 2nd year nursing student. Being a poor nursing student, I am mostly concerned about funding the trip, as it is going to cost around $3,500. My goal is to raise as much as possible and try to have the trip covered entirely by donations.

Does anyone have any suggestions or personal experiences to share? IMR gives you information for your fundraising letter, which I plan on sending to all family and friends. I also thought of setting up a GoFundMe account and also posting something at the hospital I work at.

Are there any specific scholarships for nursing students in relation to medical missions or volunteering in particular?

Thanks for any and all insight! :)

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I don't know about scholarships, but there are a few nurses I work with who routinely do medical missions trips. They do fundraising with the whole group with things like you would see a lot of students doing for fundraisers. Plus, some of them will make baked goodies and put them i the break room with a price and envelope or box for cash. And believe me, those treats are gone quickly.


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Tell your family you don't want any birthday or holiday gifts this year, just money to spend on the trip.

I don't mind people doing fundraisers like the above-mentioned mini bake sale (I would definitely buy and probably throw in extra), and some people are apparently happy to give money for things like this, but begging letters for a trip make me and many others annoyed.


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RoseQueen, that's a really good idea about the baked goods in the break room type of deal. I will have to ask my manager if I can do that! Thanks for the suggestion!


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Baked goods are a great idea. I don't know if you are affiliated with a church, or other public association, but if you have family, friends who could bake for you and you could put the goods on a table and make sure everyone knows this is for a medical mission, you can really raise a lot.

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A friend of mine goes yearly on a trip. She has created a nonprofit for herself. That way all money that is donated is tax free. I think she also maintains a web site. It also makes it much more likely organizations will donate. Good luck.