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Is there anybody that has done the admissions process for fay tech in NC for spring entry? I'm just curious when they send out emails whether you get in or not.

I haven't done the process but I applied for spring entry as well!

Okay awesome. Do you know about how many points you have?

I think I have around 55-60 I still have my second anatomy I'm taking this semester then I'm done with pre reqs for it. You??

I just finished my A&P 2 so I'll get the points for it. But i only have 63. Idk what the average is for people who normally get a spot. Lol.

Hey girl! I applied for fall also and didn't get in because I didn't have my chemistry class. This go around I have the chemistry class and everything else done that I completed last year. I have 66 points. We should be category 1 applicants and since we have everything done and then some so hopefully we have a better chance this time. Did you reapply by manual application this go around? Praying to hear awesome news soon!

Yeah I didn't get in for fall either because I didn't have either A&P done. Lol. But I'm officially finished with everything so hopefully we make it. I'm pretty sure I only have 63 points so I'm nervous í ½í¸­ but I applied like June 1st. Lol. I had to email some lady in the ADN department so she could do my application for me.

Do you have Facebook? If so you can add me on there! I feel like it'd be easier to keep in touch rather than here. Lol. My name is Christina San Miguel

Okay good! I did the same thing and she did my app for me as well. I'll definitely add you on facebook!

Where you able to find me? :)

Hello quick question, I keep seeing chemistry come up to get in the program. I wasn't told to take that. So it a requirement?

Yes, it is required.

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