Frye's3000 bullets

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Do you guys think i should still review the books for content or just go ahead and do the practice questions in exam cram and finish up my lacharity chapter.I will appreciate any input.I am studying for LPN licensure.I am about to finish the book Frye's 3000.Please LPNs response only.Thanks and God bless.

Most people recommend Saunders Comprehensive Review. It covers all bases and is not hit or miss in its approach.

Okay,thanks!I will get the saunders then.

Please,what about the kaplan book that i got from kaplan review the first go;i didn't study that book that much then instead of saunders.what do you think?Help please!

If you can afford it you might want to consider the Kaplan online review and Qbank, (the in person review is not always highly recommended). Do some reading in the NCLEX forum and you will see that most of the time people say that they did as many questions as possible and studied the rationales. If you feel weak on content, and/or have the time, you can start with a study of content before you go into question mode. Make certain that you give yourself enough time when you schedule the test. Don't rush into it, but then don't take the rest of your life by putting it off too long either. Check out a lot of the threads here and you will get a better idea of some of the ways to approach this. Good luck.


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