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I really need some guidance....

I have an instructor that is confusing! I'm not being difficult on this person....just honest.

They bring notes to class, pass them out, read over them (some) and then tell us to take them home and that we are responsible for the content. The HUGE problem....The clinical area!! This person is not a complete instructor in the clinical setting. They will not let students do many procedures on patients...they leave their students alone with their assigned patients (by alone I mean disappear)... Meds are ALWAYS given late.... If this person is unsure about an IV med their statement is (I'll ask the nurse...this person IS a nurse...) The person doesn't know how to work the computer system in the hospital (btw they work in this hospital...)

One student was waiting to go into a procedure area and a nurse pointed to this instructor and told the student "That is one nurse you do NOT want to be like." ...the student said.."Do you know that is my instructor??" The nurse responded..."Yes..that is why I am telling you that!"

Now......I find out this instructor has been transferred to my final semester of school! So I have to go through this AGAIN!

Unfortunately, I cannot go to anyone because we are in a school that it tends to be the "ole girls club"....and I'm afraid of what will happen!! Every student that is with this instructor is very upset and the previous students have been treated the same way!! I just don't get it...

I've sorta "sweetened" my post because people from my class read this website and would recognize this scenario. Am I right......I'm just toast in this situation?

Thanks for your time!!



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Are you from my school? :chuckle Just kidding. I've had good and bad instructors, for clinicals and classroom. For classroom I found that teaching myself both from the book we are provided and other books I've purchased helps. For clinicals sometimes you can find a good nurse who is willing to take you under her wing a bit while you're there. Learn as much as you can from those wonderful nurses, and make the most of the clinical that you can and don't worry about the instructor.


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hmmm...I would try to cope with this instructor and pray that it is over soon. If you say anything to anyone and it gets back to her, she just might give you a hard time. They are good at doing that. Just pray for it to be over like I do.

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I would say hang in there! hopefully she leaves and they get a good one before you get to your final semester. :yeah:

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