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I have decided that I wanted to become an emergency nurse d/t being a trauma pt 3 1/2 yrs ago :heartbeat. After the recovery I finished all the science classes and got into nursing school. During nursing school I did everything I could to get the best grades and experiences. Graduated with BSN with honors, have BLS, ACLS, PALS certifications, worked as an RN intern in a local ED, where I also did my preceptorship. Wasn't able to get hired there due to the hire freeze in the hospital. I am now going to start a master's program in critical care/trauma this fall.

There are no new grad ED positions in NoCal and even if one pops up, there are 200 applicants jumping on it, and the position is probably given to someone who's been doing their internship there.

Now I feel like all the work I've done was for nothing, because I can't find a job.

I would really appreciate any feedback or insight into what to do.

Thank you :bowingpur

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Is there anyway you could relocate or are you locked in because of the school situation? Then, if you ARE locked in, will you be able to get a job as an APN w/o RN ED exp?

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You can consider another work environment other than a hospital, another department in the hospital from which you can transfer later, another town or even another state. We are hiring in TEXAS!

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I got accepted into a great program for the Master's. I feel VERY fortunate for that, thus I can't really relocate. I don't mind driving a few hours to work, but there are no positions available (that I've seen).

APN? wouldn't I have to have master's for that?

My RN Intern experience doesn't count for the job purposes, even though I did EVERYTHING RN does. It's really frustrating :selfbonk:

I did try other departments. I think that I've applied to at least 50 different positions without any luck :(


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I feel your pain. I'm at the point where encouragement only makes me more irate. I don't want encouragement, I want a job! The market is just as bad where I live in Georgia. I started my applications in January, had a few interviews, was even teased by one hospital for 4 months, but ultimately ALL of them decided to not hire ANY outside new graduates. The hospital I was working at at the time is one of 2 in my area that actually did hire outside new grads, but it was very competitive and I was not chosen. I've been an ER tech there for 2 years, busted my ass for them, it was very much a slap in the face. By the time I got their rejection, it was already too late to try for a regular floor position there (internal could only try for one at a time... lame). None of this mattered much at the time, because I've seriously applied to every major hospital in the southeast and almost every hospital in Georgia, period, uncountable hospitals outside of the region, including every type of unit I could find, I was NOT picky, and felt surely by the time my May grad date came around, I'd have something. I've applied online, in person, called HR recruiters, worked every connection I have, and NOTHING. I figured that surely, after passing NCLEX and getting my license, things would turn around. NOPE! Not only did they not turn around, they got worse-- I was terminated from the ER job b/c I passed NCLEX! They had told me that I could finish out the pay period b/c they can't apply pay changes in the middle of the period, and I checked that with every ER manager and HR, but nonetheless got a phone call this morning that I'm terminated NOW and not next week when the pay period ends, nevermind the lie they fed me previously.

This is easily the most depressed I've ever been. I try to laugh and find irony in that I busted my butt in school to get good grades and work in a job that should HELP me get a job after I graduate but I was graduating in an in-demand field, so I shouldn't have any problems-- oh but wait, my class is the one getting the shaft hardcore-- but I can't help but be horribly bitter at this point for alot of reasons, being optimistic is what made this downfall so hard in the first place.

And grad school isn't an option right now either. I don't know what to do anymore.


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If youre looking for jobs in the southeast...KY is hiring! Im an RNA and Ive been offered jobs in several ICU's (including cardiac specialty) from 4 different hospitals in Kentucky (northern, central, and southern KY) I dont see the effects of any hiring freezes or supposed poor economy down here!

Much look to you guys.

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how about picking up some home care? You'll be getting experience, create your own hours and still be able to take the masters program without pulling out your hair.

Pick up your EMT-B cert (you can do it online in a month), and start volunteering for a 911 EMS system, then start applying for your ER positions with some EMERGENCY experience. Or go to the ICU. I'm sure they LOVE RNs who are comfortable running several drips on a ventilated patient in the ER.

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You can do the EMT-B online ???? where is that?

i'm pretty sure there are quite a few places.

i did mine at It costs about $1000 with the book and then you also have to pay for a hotel room for about 9-10 days when you come to the emergency training center to do your skills checkoffs and clinical time / ride outs. Its not bad. I did it online during the 3rd semester of my ADN program, i just had to skip christmas with the family, so that I could finish the skills bootcamp and do my clinicals in between my 3rd and last semester of nursing school. I did 2 back to back 12's in an ER and then a 24 hour shift with an ambulance and I was done. After nursing school, EMT-B was a freakin' breeze. National Registry was a joke after 3 semesters of nursing school tests! I got 75 questions and finished in 30 minutes.

My main goal is to fly, so at first i thought ER would be where i wanted to go, but after networking and looking on this site i realized that ICU would be a much better skill set to take up in a helicopter + the emergencies START in the street. So i've been volunteering with a 911 service with my basic patch. The cool thing is, they sponsored me for their academy intermediate class, so soon i'll be able to provide ALS in the pre-hospital arena. (believe me i was dreading only being BLS pre-hospital, and being a nurse, knowing i could further intervene, but not legally)

I'm going to go all the way for my paramedic as well, but i'm gonna wait until i feel more comfortable in the ICU setting. I got a job in a MICU, but i'm waiting for freaking BON to finalize my eligibility for the NCLEX.

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(believe me i was dreading only being BLS pre-hospital, and being a nurse, knowing i could further intervene, but not legally)

That is one reason I've kept my NREMT-P after becoming an RN! :)

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thank you very much for the feedback :)

jessicaelyse, that sucks... i had a similar situation where i was told that i have the job in the ed where i worked as an rn as soon as i graduate. well... i am still waiting, and it doesn't look promising :yawn:

"i busted my butt in school to get good grades and work in a job that should help me get a job after i graduate but i was graduating in an in-demand field, so i shouldn't have any problems" - this is exactly how i feel and it's really frustrating :angryfire

nkara, how do i go about looking for a job like that? also, would i be able to get it without "1 yr. med/surg experience". any pointers will be greatly appreciated :)

hopefullicunurse77, thank you very much for the information. i will definitely look into it :lol2:

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