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Frustrated new grad...Jobless in Miami =(


Prepare for a massive rant.

Honestly, I was under no delusions that it would be super easy to find a job after graduation. I knew the job market for new grads was tough and I knew it would take some time and persistence. But I never in my life imagined that it would be THIS difficult. South Florida is HORRIBLE for new grads. We have too many nursing schools, not enough Nursing Jobs, and not enough hospitals that offer new grad residencies. I've sent out hundreds of resumes and applied to every open position to every hospital, LTC facility, doctor's office, and urgent care center in a 50 mile radius (I've even pondered the idea of commuting up to two hours away from home). I've done drop-ins at human resources only to be turned away and told "we'll call if a position opens" or "we aren't currently hiring new grads". I've applied to prison and VA positions. I've gone to several career fairs (with hundreds of other desperate new grads swarming around). So far, after applying to literally every place I could think of that a nurse could work at, I've landed ONE interview at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston. That was last week and I have yet to hear back despite my sending a thank you note and trying to make follow up calls. All of the best new grad opportunities are 4-5 hours away in central and northern Florida, and no I don't have the ability to relocate. My husband is active duty military and we're stuck here for a while. I've been out of school for three months, which I know isn't a long time as per average. I knew there was a possibility I wouldn't have a job by now, but I assumed I would have made SOME progress by now. A few interviews, made some valuable connections, something! My desperation to get a job is for my family. My family is drowning in overdue bills, we can barley afford food every pay period, and I can barley afford the gas to drive around to all these places begging for a job. I feel like crying every time one of my kids needs something for school and I can't afford to get it for them. I'm tired of telling them, "No, I'm sorry, we can't afford that" every time they ask for something. The financial burden is crushing my poor husband and I feel so horrible that I haven't made any progress yet. All I wanted to do is become a great nurse, help people, and provide a better life for my kids. The thought has even crossed my mind to just say screw it and get a job as a receptionist somewhere, but I worked so hard for this degree and doing that would be soul crushing. I'll take ANY nursing setting anywhere! My dream and long term goal is to be an ER/Trauma nurse, but I'm not even thinking about that now. I just need any job.

Sorry for the long whiny rant. I guess I just needed to get it off my chest and hope someone had advice or words of encouragement. I feel so depressed.


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It's pretty common now for new grads to apply up to a year or more and still find nothing. Personally I knew the job market in New York is terrible so I left to North Dakota where they hire into specialities in their new grad programs.

Since that is not an option for you, I can only suggest that you hang in there and get certifications along the way. Try professional nursing resume writers. Also if they allow you to volunteer in the capacity of a nurse then you might want to consider it. If not, then you can try to work as an aide to get connections on the floor, especially since money is getting short. Just ensure that they know you want to be considered for a nursing position. And be nice to the management and have them see how hard you work. There are brief periods when hospitals are so desperate that they will hire new grads but those are very very brief windows of opportunities. Basically just about every hospital in the country needs nurses but they're holding out for experienced and viable candidates. Just gotta wait for when the staff gets so fed up with being short and they complain. That's usually when the Window occurs and they will hire one or two nurses and lower their requirements.

That's just what I think, if you can't relocate.

Hi Crystal ,

I just logged in today and saw your post . Reading about your current situation brought me back to 2009 post graduation . I remember the many months of frustration and frankly feeling depressed because of no places hiring new grads and nurse being laid off. 200+ apps and 5 months later I finally got a job . We barely were making it month to month but some how we did . I say this to you cause there is hope . I know it may not seem like it but keep plugging away and eventually you will get something . In the meantime spend as much time with your family and try to do fun things too . Hang in there! Good luck and God Bless.

I'm here to give you encouragement and support .

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Did you make any connections in your clinical areas? Sometimes the staff will remember a particular student and help them along.

Are you in a BSN preferred area and getting that as their excuse? What, if any, plans do you have for getting a BSN? Some employers will consider your enrollment in a BSN program almost as good as already having one.