frightened in florida!

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I'm absolutely terrified about applying to nursing school this next semester. I have heard so many horror stories about rejections and how hard it is to get in. I have been in college for two years and have completed all of the prerequisits that are required. My GPA is not the highest in the world but it's well over the requirement. I am beyond ready to begin a career!!!! Ease my mind a little won't ya! Maybe a little advise!:eek:


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Hi SaraMichele, I would first like to welcome you to Allnurses...I'm actually in the same boat as you, as I will be applying for the ADN for next fall. I don't know if it is the same with your college (is it an ADN?), but mine has a priority period before it opens to space available. Having all of your prereqs done is definitely in your favor. I would like to think that a good GPA would count (I have a 3.95), but I am worried because I will only be taking A&PI this spring. I'm still going to apply, but I am also applying to an LPN program and later go into the transitional LPN to RN program.

I, too, have heard the rejection stories, but I don't think it is quite as bad in Florida as it is in, say Washington State (where I've heard the most problems).

Good Luck.



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No reason to freak until you've gotten a letter back saying you haven't been accepted.

Don't let ANY "what if's" stop you. Those things can destroy your life!!! You're grown, you know that. If your GPA is phenomenal and you've completed all the prereqs, you have the highest possible chance of being either selected for your chosen program or for an interview appointment. (Do you need to go through an interview with the program you want?)

Our school had 380 applications for 80 spots (usually it's 40 spots, but they added the accelerated program this year). I had a 4.0 and still had 2 prereqs to complete when I applied. I start my second clinical semester in 2 weeks.

So, buck up kiddos! If you've done the best you can do and you are ready, GO FOR IT!!!! APPLY!!!! We need achievers like you!

Good luck! :kiss


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As to the timeline, since you've already got a degree and this will be your second, look into Fast Track or Accelerated programs which should take you 12-18 months to complete. Of course like any nursing program the "clock" doesn't start ticking til you've completed your prerequisites and actually start the program itself. Good luck to you! I start my 2nd degree program Jan 13.

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This would be the first of many hurdles you will have to jump. Go for it!!!


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What school are you applying to? At Daytona Beach Community College.....they won't turn you down as long as you meet all of the prerequisites with a C or better. You may not get in as quickly as someone with a higher GPA, but you will still be on the list for admission. They have a campus in Palm Coast which is pretty close to Jacksonville. That's for an ADN.



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:) Saramichelle - I'm in Jacksonville too! I'm attending FCCJ, and plan on applying to the program as soon as I can get my "official" transcript when school reopens after the break. Hopefully I'll be accepted for the summer session starting next May.

I've got a 3.95 GPA, but still have to take Microbiology (I'm taking it this coming semester). However, from what the nursing application guidelines say, you can apply when enrolled in I'm going for it now. And I think you should do the same...If you have all the prereqs done, and as long as you have Cs in the science classes, you should be accepted. A fellow student in my A & P II class that just finished said several of her classmates had applied for last September's session, but were turned down since they hadn't completed Micro yet...but they were told that there are usually less applicants for the summer (May) session, so maybe this is the right time to apply...

As the others have said, GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose by applying, and everything to gain...

Please PM me if you'd like to chat more in depth, and welcome to the board!


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welcome to the board! take on day at a time and you will be fine.


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I'm in central-west florida, and I don't think it is as bad as the horror stories would lead you to believe.

I made it in on my first application. To hedge my bets, I did apply to more than one college (in neighboring counties). In any case, you will not know unless you apply. You will also find that some people will drop out before the class even begins, and the college will fill that slot.

Good luck!

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I think that you should definately get to know the administrators of the program (like the director or recruiter etc.). Let them know you. Also if your program is like mine, you might be admitted based on a point system that includes such things as points for A's and B's and C's (allbeit differenct points that add up). Also they may give you points for the NET text (if applicable). You should try not to worry about storys that you hear because remember that is just subjective stuff that reflects a few peoples experience and not the experience of all students. Be confident in yourself and always make sure that you meet all deadlines in regards to your application and testing that may need to be done! Take a moment and BREATHE!!! You will do fine..... it is scary but believe me, it will be well worth it in the end!!

Good luck to you and keep us posted to what happens!



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I just wanted to wish you good luck through the application process. I hope you do well, and become a great nurse!


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So what happened??? Did you get into a nursing school???

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