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Friday February 25 2022


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Ado congratulations on the new position, I hope it works out

Stars glad the tree is coming down

Amo I also get excited about groceries

Quite slow at work, for the first time in weeks.  Had time to apply for my CT license, process pretty much complete except that I'm waiting on an answer to one question.   Still waiting on the MA license

Ran to the library and exercised.

Tonight will meet J for dinner as usual, or at least that's the plan

Think it's going to be in the 20s again, snow has stopped



nursej22, MSN, RN

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Good Morning. It is clear and cool. I am waiting for the temp to come up just a bit before going for a bike ride. We brought home the new trailer yesterday. It looks about twice as big as I remember. I took a turn driving as we towed it home, but my leg started to hurt so much that I didn't last long. Cruise control is discouraged while towing, so I may not be driving it much until I can figure out what is wrong with my stupid nerve/leg. MRI is next Tuesday, acupuncture this afternoon. I also have an online meeting--I sit on an advisory board for a local nursing school, the same one I got my RN from. 

Yes, very sad news from Ukraine. I have to take breaks from checking Twitter. I was heartened by the demonstrations going on in Russian cities. 

Amo, I too like Campbells tomato soup. I have gotten some nice soups from Pacific Foods that come in a carton. I like them, but there is so much in the carton, that I forget to finish it. I like their carrot soup. 

Joe, hopefully the CT license process goes smoother and more quickly that MA. 

Amo, glad you got the tree trimming done. I hope our neighbors go forward with their plan for trimming, but I will believe it when I see it. 

Ado, I hope you enjoy your new position. I would think getting off night shift would be welcome. 

I suppose BCgrad is busy with her pup, and is Dianah on her trip now? 

Of course, I always hope that Tweety is have the best of shifts. 


No Stars In My Eyes

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Awakened at 9 AM when Ozzie barked to go out and pee. The tree-guys had arrived and were setting up. I thought ... silly me... that I could go back to sleep, but a couple of big logs thudding onto the ground changed my mind. I got up and dressed; in a little while they will be through and I can (gee, wow) go out grocery shopping. Nannie is sitting here talking about kids being out there in the back yard. No Nannie, no kids, just one short guy from Ecuador. She also said there are so many limbs and logs piled higgeldy-piggeldy around 10-12 feet away, outside the back door, they must be cutting some of the other trees out there. Nuh-uh, just the one big tree they're supposed to cut down. And it ain't gonna be all cleaned up for a while because we aren't paying them to haul the wood off; the neighbor is going to start doing that, he said, probably on Sunday. Nannie is such a perfectionist that it will gall her to have to wait to get it all cleaned up. I had to tell her (again) that we aren't paying them to clean up and haul off what they're cutting down, because if we were, we would be forking over another $300-400 for that! 
"Well how is that other guy going to haul off those huge logs all by himself?" He's going to cut them up into smaller pieces here; he's not going to just man-handle unwieldy logs! And it can't be taken care of instantly. (So, ...I did not say: DEAL WITH IT!)

All for now-------

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Well, the former manager who is supposed to give me some very brief orientation didn't make it in today. And the wildlife rehab says no need to risk trying to drive there today. I think I'm going to try making J22's yeast rolls. 

Tweety, are you telling me you've been taking 6 ICU patients? *How* does that work? 

Hubs is going a bit stir-crazy since it has been too cold to work in the garage. 

nursej22, MSN, RN

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I think Tweety works on an ortho unit. 


Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Dough is rising. I had a fall on Thanksgiving and had a radial head fracture. It let me know today that there is still some healing to do before it will be comfortable kneading dough. It is so much better than it was that I really can't complain. I'm pretty sure I won't lose any range of motion once it is all done. 

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good evening.

Stars, glad the trees are being taken care.

Joe hope you have another good day.  Would be nice if we have one license for all states.  

Stars, glad you got the trailer home.  Sorry about your ongoing issues.

Ado, congrats on the new position.  I work med-surg, not just ortho, but primarily post op patients.

Crazy long stupid day.  Glad to be off for four days.  Someone told the boss I would be working lot of overtime in the coming weeks.  Um...I don't think so.  Someone also said I was quitting.  Oh well, if you're talking about me behind my back maybe you're leaving someone else alone.