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Friday February 18 2022


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NJ22 I think aches and pains can make one tired.  Had a dream about an aching hip or perhaps my hip was aching last night, feel fine now

Stars that was a very well written letter.  Our services are on facebook so people  who can't attend can still view them

Work steadily improves as I learn the new system.  Thankfully I haven't received any new cases this week

Had our vestry meeting via Zoom last night, thankfully we got out on time

Snowed yesterday evening, heavy at times but only a few inches total

J gets his PICC line this morning.  He'll have to go to the hospital every other day to get additional antibiotics, he said the pump is kind of a fanny pack that he'll wear.   Seems he'll have it for 4-6 weeks

We're supposed to meet for dinner tonight depending upon how he feels

Going to be in the 20s today, might get some more snow, but a very small amount


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Good morning!

Joe, I'm surprised they don't have a home infusion company helping J and delivering his antibiotics to his home.  Anyway I wish him well.  

Great letter Stars.  At this point I know with good ratios nurses would probably be more satisfied with their pay. 

I had a six to one ratio and one had a blood pressure of 60/40 and another with 198/100.  This meant they got a lot of my attention and a couple of others got none.  

Off today and doing laundry.  I have meals good and may try to enjoy some of this nice weather we're having.  


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Hi. Dropped off our pickup this morning to get some sort of brake switch installed so we can tow our new trailer, and had running boards put on. The truck is a little high off the ground and we have short legs, so, hopefully, this makes getting in and out easier. Dh flies in today and will pick it up. I hope. 

Weather is still overcast, I think rain is forecast for the weekend, and sunny and cold next week. I went to bed early last night too. Just has some roasted peanuts and a glass of milk for dinner. I know, not very nutritious, but food just isn't tasting great. 

Very nice, OCD co-worker had a patient come to us for a blood draw, and then wanted me to do it. Which is fine, but then she fusses around and gets in the way. I got the draw, pulled out the needle and applied a cotton ball, and before I could put the safety catch over the needle, she is reaching in to put a bandaid on. Grrrr. I didn't poke her, but the potential was there. My manager asked if I would be interested in working full-time when my job share, the crazy one retires, and I'm not sure I could tolerate the OCD 5 days a week. 

Ooh, I see stars just posted. I've got to see what she's up to, and then go make a home visit. 

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Nope, j22, I didn't start posting until after you had. I like what you mentioned yesterday about figuring out about 6 patients and the time elements for each, PLUS all the things you mentioned that can pop up during a shift. If I get any grief about the letter, I can mail a letter back that includes your figuring.Wish I'd had that bit of info when I wrote the first one, as it really helps make my point. I just haven't worked in a facility for so long that such stuff just didn't occur to me. Private duty ain't near as busy, unless you have a patient in the hospital, but then the PDN doesn't have to do the orders and paperwork, the hosp. staff does. And if they are at home you work with the family and/or a case manager to get stuff done. 

Well, Nannie got some mail today and was so pleased about it. She got a real big kick out of 3 cards in one envelope, and though the big card was "gorgeous", and the littlest card with the 'detective' on the front was "so cute and thoughtful." Then apropos of absolutely nothing she said, "Just about every card I get mentions something about food." (HUH???)

We had a lot, and I mean a LOT of wind last night, and heavy rain. I woke up when I heard the rain hitting my window, and since that's on the back side of the house, I decided to step out on the front was so mild and the wind felt so good and refreshing, I sat out there for 10 or 15 minutes until the rain eased off, and then I went back to bed.

Hubby and Nannie had an argument around midnight....he got up to go to get a drink from the fridge, and there was Nannie in her recliner, totally dressed again, shoes and all. He asked her if she was planning on going somewhere or having a midnight visitor. He said, "I told you to put on your pajamas and go sleep in your bed," and she said she did. He told her she was in bed for a total of 3 hours and that midnight was NOT the time to get dressed for the day. Then he said, "Never mind, I give up, you're going to do what you're going to do, whether it makes any sense or not." Fortunately she has lost the ideas of 'going home' or going anywhere! Since I sit in the den with her most of the time, I can tell you from many days of observation, she just NEVER moves her legs and feet once she is settled in, I mean, she REALLY doesn't!  Her only 'exercise' is when she gets up to walk to the bathroom. One of these days I wouldn't be surprised to find s/s of phlebitis.

I was going to do some laundry today, and since it is almost 3 PM, I'd better get busy. May be back here later on.... 

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Why, after I edit something, is there no 'submit reply' button to click on? And thus, my corrections don't show...



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Glad the cards went thru - worried about extra postage. Easter next - don't have any St Pat ones.

Can you hide her clothes/shoes? Just checked - it's not 'submit' but 'save'. Always that I know.

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Her whole room is crammed with clothes and shoes, so hiding her clothes isn't possible. Oh well. Those lined pants she wears, plus the pull-ups, are responsible for her groin getting beefy-red. I put the fungal powder (prescription) on her IF she ever mentions she is 'sore down there'. When I asked her about how her groin was this morning, but she didn't know what a 'groin' is! I did say that one of the reason she should wear pj's at night is that they don't 'smother' her groin with heat and moisture, but 'shoulds' don't stick in her brain.

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Good Grief~ Nannie was in bed - (ostensibly in pj's) - for an hour and a half. Then she came out of her bedroom without her walker, completely dressed. Hubby said, "Why are you up again?" She said she couldn't sleep. "What happened to your pajamas?" "Nothing happened to my pajamas!" ...aaaannnd it was on! I wisely kept my mouth closed. When he went up to bed, he said to her, "I love you, good-night." and she made a face and stayed quiet. He said, "That's okay. You can stay mad all night, and you can stay dressed in your clothes, wear your shoes 24 hours a day, and sit in that chair morning, noon, and night, if that's what you want to do."

Me? I'm watching Pairs Short skating program, because THAT'S what I want to do!