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Friday August 12 2022


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Tweety glad the ratio wasn't too bad

Ado that seems an odd thing to wake someone up for

Dianah glad you slept better

NJ22 glad his procedure went well, hope your Covid test is negative

Yesterday was busier at work.  Lots of people needing help, so I hurried and cut lunch short so I would have time to help.  Got done with my stuff sooner than expected, so took a short break before offering to help.  Didn't want to offer help  too early as I don't want to set the precedent.  It's also why I don't offer to help every day

Have been looking into classes at a local yarn shop, I think I need the help if I'm going to get any better at knitting. 

J is feeling better so hopefully we will meet for dinner tonight

Will be cooler today, in the upper 70s

No Stars In My Eyes

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Hey there, it's me again. Nothing much happening, just the same old same old.

Neither hubby nor I slept well last night. I got up at 9:30 AM and Nannie hadn't even gotten out of bed, so I went back to bed. Meanwhile, hubby slept on. I gave Nannie her breakfast (finally) at 12:30 PM.

Woke hubby up and asked him if he was okay. He said his stomach still hurt --or had discomfort, he amended. He was shaking some and I asked him if he needed a nip to quiet the shakes, but he said no. The night before last he came in my room, sat down, and said he had a fifth to drink that day. Said he "might" have to go to a rehab because he didn't trust himself to stick to a weaning schedule. Hmmm. We'll see. I think he is right, AND it would give him time off from Nannie. (Maybe I need some kind of REHAB, too!!) But, I can't imagine, so far, him going to the doc and declaring he needs rehab for the booze. I wonder if Medicare and/or his supplement would cover the cost? Somehow I think it is unlikely, but I dunno. He gets free eye exams because he is diabetic, so maybe the doc can write an order that would cover PART of it, anyway. I don't really know how that works. Will have to look it up on-line for a better idea.

No ballgame last night and Nannie went to bed at 8:30 PM! There is a game this evening, and then on Saturday, a double-header, Sunday a regular game.

I still haven't done anything on my list except pick up meds at the pharmacy. The shredding bucket is over-flowing. I may do that because it is a 'sitting down' job, but I don't make any guarantees!

Okay, it's official now: "Boy, that sun is bright out there, isn't it?" " Yup," I said, "that's what sun does."

No Stars In My Eyes

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So, hubby and I had a long talk... after which, at his request, I looked up and read to him info re alcohol w/d signs and symptoms. He said he had almost every one of them. We talked about options for tx. He has had the shakes pretty bad today and as it is nearly 5 PM, I sent him to the ABC store to get a couple of "sleeves" of those airline-size bottles of vodka. (Ten 50 ml bottles per sleeve, he says.) Not sure if he will be able to wean, but he said that he will try, over the weekend. He said that usually he'd buy one sleeve and finish it off by bedtime. Yikes! He said it takes more than it used to to calm his shaking, etc, and he doesn't ever really "feel" drunk. ( But, oh Lordy, *I* feel it when he drinks! My antennae start waggling and inside I go "Oh, noooooo.") 

And of course, this has to happen on a Friday! Who knows how he'll feel about things by Monday? He has an appt w/ his PCP Wednesday the 17th. I may go with him.

I think Medicare is accepted for tx in one of the places; I am not sure about his Supplement; But I read Humana will cover some kinds of treatments, and he does have Humana. Not sure about length/duration of any of the available programs here in this town; looked like 2 places as options locally, but will have to talk w/ PCP about what might be best.

Then hubby'll have to fill out forms about income, etc ($=puny!) and health, etc. Anyway, baby steps right now. 

There are prolly a # of AA mtgs here-abouts, I can find out about Al-Anon for relatives (ie myself). We will have to work out some kind of schedule around Nannie-sitting. I don't know what story hubby might come up with to cover any time-away, whether it is outpatient or inpatient. He said that his dgt did not know about his drinking....(uh-oh). 

As my Grampa used to say, "It'll all come out in the wash." (does that mean it runs like madras does?) Oh dear, oh well.

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Joe, that sounds like a good way to end the week.

Stars, WOW. Hoping that his resolve to get the help he needs stays with him over the weekend and into some treatment. You'll figure out the details as needed.

Was expecting to be called into a closing meeting with the people doing our lab's state inspection but never heard anything. 

The wildlife rehab is having a table at an event at the university's natural history museum tomorrow so I'm going to help man it from about 2-6. Hubs is frustrated, says I should check with him before committing to things because he might have plans. Um, when does he actually make plans and who says I would want to Gma-sit anyway? Ugh, sorry for my bad attitude. He says he does need to go to the lake and check on the boat. 

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Hi. Had a nice start to the day with a bike ride by the bay. I sat at a picnic table for a while and watched the birds: gulls, crows and herons. I pulled the sheets off the bed and stuck them in the washer. Dh came into the kitchen and asked if I put the sheets in the washer, and then he got in a snit because I say "yeah" with an attitude and negative body language. And then he proceeded to berate me about how I do this all the time, and everyone thinks I am acting superior to them. And, when he talks about his work I either don't listen or I try to change the subject. And I never offer suggestions when he wants my opinion. Or if I do, it's with an attitude and negative body language. I honestly do not care about his work and I get tired of choosing what we will have for dinner or where to eat. But that is not acceptable, apparently. I don't know who put a bee in his bonnet, but I don't like getting yelled at. 

NoStars, I hope this is a good sign that Hubby is acknowledging he needs help. At least in rehab he can safely withdraw. I definitely think you need to go with him to doc. Sending him on his own hasn't seemed to help. 

Joe, I hope you and J and a nice dinner. 

Ado, that sounds frustrating to hear you need to run your schedule by hubby, especially if you worked all week. 

I just got home from the retirement thing we did for crazy job share. I bought some fancy cupcakes and ate one, and it's not sitting well on my tummy. I'm not used to sweets and rich food at all. I will get pizza for dinner tonight, but I need to let my tummy settle. I will just have salad, tho. 

No plans for the weekend, other than a run in the morning. 

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Me just minding my single unmarried business. kermit-tea-meme-history-meaning.thumb.jpeg.f05eddcd8bb594edb547464fa25f51c0.jpeg



No Stars In My Eyes

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🐸Me, being somewhat envious....(I remember those days!)