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Fresenius 4K signon bonus inpatient

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I have been working on a Med Surg unit for 2 years now, since I graduated nursing school. I am now ready to venture out into the world of other nursing options, and am looking into dialysis. I was more interested in chronics, but there are no openings in my region right now for the clinics (I live in a very rural area). There are several openings with Fresenius for inpatient, with $4K signon bonus. Is this typical to offer this incentive, or is this an indication that this is a really bad job?! Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Chisca, RN

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4K bonus equals desperation. You will have to be one tough cookie to survive in that environment.

I work in dialysis, it is VERY repetitive and you will lose skills. Just keep that in mind.


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They are offering 20k here. I know why. The days can be ridiculously long, in excess of 18 to 20 hours, and you can get called back when you go home if a new admit requires dialysis. No thanks.

Keep in mind that most inpatient dialysis these days are performed by externally contracted companies. It's an incredibly competitive market to not only land, but keep a contract. This means the dialysis companies must sometimes promise the moon to each respective hospital/system in order to obtain and retain the contract to provide services.

What this translates to is greater and greater need for employees that can meet these ever-changing demands and craziness of odd hours. That is where your sign on bonus comes in.

If you accept the position, please make sure that you live within a reasonable commuting situation/distance, otherwise it will be impossible.

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I work in dialysis, it is VERY repetitive and you will lose skills. Just keep that in mind.

Are you in outpatient? I can see that being the case. Even still, an outpatient setting provides an insane amount of opportunity to learn and stay on top of trends in coronary and vascular diseases, metabolic disease processes, and autoimmune disease. That said, inpatient dialysis nursing is so full of tedious but necessary tasks, that taking time to stop and absorb information is not easy.

Inpatient is a whole 'nuther kettle of fish. As an inpatient dialysis RN, one is constantly exposed to (and working with) multiple different departments and floors. One might lose some "hands-on" deftness in things like inserting a foley or a peripheral line, or managing a chest tube, but you will see it all and you need a firm foundation in dealing with everything from the general surgical patient to the MI patient to the trauma patient with rhabdo. How much you learn from each encounter is up to you.

I just refused a Acute RN offer thee thousand bonus and have to stay for 2 years or pay back their money, hell no in I work in Chronic Dialysis currently, we are always short, I refused to be stuck doing 2 and 3 people jobs. Be care don't let that bonus offer trick you. Acute have long hours they have slow periods where there are no hours you may have to use your PTO.

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I am currently working in a dialysis center now but not fresenius, I have 4 years experience from my country plus here in US. My company just bought one fresenius clinic which when we took over they left the clinic a mess. I love hemodialysis if you like hemostasis kind of stuff. And you are not just dealing with the patients, you are also dealing with the machinesa and if you want to experience hemodialysis, look for a good clinic..