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I work on an oncology unit and we have many, many pts with PICC lines. Our protocol was always to do the first drsg change the next day or before the first 24 hrs was up. Then after that we changed the drsg twice a week (mon and thurs for everyone) and prn when dirty, drsg loose, etc.. Recently, our facility said that we are to keep changing the drsg within 24 hrs after placement but to only change the drsg once a week.

I can see that it reduces the number of times we are exposing the site. This makes me cringe because I am set in the previous ways and trying to be flexible. Does anyone have any thoughts on this. I'm currently researching for reputable material that covers this so any sources you have I'd appreciate hearing about.


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The hospital where I am applying does them every 7 days. The only exception is if it becomes soiled or loose. Their rationale is that it reduces the risk of infection.


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Ditto on the q7 days for us unless it becomes non occlusive

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Every 7 days for home health, but ofcourse changing day after insertion and prn when needed.

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Ours is every 3 days and PRN...


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Within 24 hrs after insertion, then every 7 days and prn.


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I just got out of my IV recert class and was taught that PICC dressings are changed Qweek and PRN. This has also been the policy everywhere I've worked.

What sort of sources are you looking for? There may be something in my folder from that class that would interest you.

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When I did IV therapy, PICC dressings were changed in the first 24 hrs then every 7 days unless otherwise indicated (ie: loose/ dirty dressing). Sounds like all posters above me did the same, I think that is standard practice...


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