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Free tuition Schools and Out-of-state tuition


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I was researching scholarships online and came across an article about free tuition schools. It seems that their are a few all over the United States. I also read if you go to school out of state, their are tuition opportunities available. anyone have more detail information about either topic?

There are a number of colleges that charge no tuition. They are private and usually located in areas that have traditionally been seriously economically depressed. The two I am personally aware of are Berea College in Berea, KY and Warren Wilson College outside Asheville NC (obviously, no longer an economically depressed area! :)) At both of these schools, students are required to work in lieu of paying tuition, even students who could easily (and might prefer to) pay tuition. The idea was, originally, that free student labor kept the college going and able to provide educational opportunities to residents of the area who wouldn't otherwise have any opportunity for higher education, and, now, that work builds character. These schools have a rich history and tend to be excellent schools (I know that both Berea and Warren Wilson are v. highly regarded).

I think College of the Ozarks is also tuition-free as long as students work, although it is a religiously-affiliated college with a fairly strict conduct/behavior code.

It's located close to Branson, MO, and has a newly-established nursing program with a decent reputation.

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Technically West Point, Annapolis US Naval Academy, USAF academy in Colorado, USCG, and US merchant marine academies are all tuition free but you repay the US citizens with a specific amount of active duty military service. Nothing is free, it's more like exchange for future service