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I have made above a B+ consistently throughout nursing school, was given a 99% likelihood of passing NCLEX based on my ATI score, but am making 72% consistently on Saunders. I also have been reading all of your posts and have heard that A students have FAILED NCLEX-RN. How HARD is it?!?

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Try not to panic that will just make it harder and more stress. The exam differs for each individual, when doing the questions take your time and whilst doing questions in study make sure you understand the rationale to the ones you get wrong and understand why you got it wrong

Relax and take your time. Good luck

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As silverdragon102 said the rationale when you do questions is the most important, also control anxiety.


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im not trying to scare you at all but i got all b's in school and i just took my test last month with my results that came in yesterday and i failed..... horrible feeling. only take the test when you feel you are ready.

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sorry to hear that you didn't pass, take some time to relax and then start studying again. You can also try Susanne4's tip her plan is at the top of the nclex forum. Don't give up.

take care.


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relax!!!! i am sure you will be fine! invest in a test taking strategy book or kaplan course. i have heard time and time again that the NCLEX is a weird exam and many have said they felt that it didnt test anything the learned in school. its more about learning how to answer questions. all the advice i have gotten was to practice questions at least 3000 before taking it. kaplan is also excellent i hear. and like someone else said.... control anxitey.

best of luck to you....and me lol


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thank you very much for the info... are you going to be an RN or LVN???

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