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Has anyone ever heard of a formula allergy? If so, could it cause projectile vomiting, tachypnea, stridor, and upper airway congestion? Are there other formula alternatives?

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It is possible to have problems like that with a formula allergy. There are many different kinds of formula, and a ped would work with the patient and family to find one that works. Some of them are easily obtained at the grocery store, others have to come from the manufacturer.


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Infants can indeed be allergic to the milk or soy based formulas. An allergist can test the child to determine if a true allergy is present.

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Yes my dtr was allergic to the regular products and soy products so I had to get her formula at the Dr.s. She also had to have a special nipple I bought there. Boy I hated buying all that after I weaned her from the breast. Had I known that was going to happen I most likely would have waited a little longer to do so.



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Allergies to formula are very common.

Regardless if the formula is made from soy or milk product it is still a man made product. Breastmilk on the other hand does not have the same risk.

If you are interested in becoming more educated about this topic I will be happy to provide information for you.

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