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Foreign graduate nurse hard to find a job in DC

Shapuj Shapuj (New) New

Hello everyone,

I am a foreign graduate nurse lives in VA. I passed my NCLEX RN examination three months ago and currently m searching for a job in DC. I have almost 4 years of job experienced of back home. I had applied in various hospitals and nursing homes of DC area but I am getting problems to find job because i don't have any experienced of United states. I am tired of searching jobs and its being my daily routine now a days. Please help me and suggest me what should I do?

Yours small help/suggestions can change my life.

thank you


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I moved your thread to the Washington DC Nursing forum to see if area nurses can tell you of hiring facilities. Look at threads about area hospitals in this section.

Hiring is tough in many areas of the country as many areas saturated with new graduates. You may need to extend your job search to VA/MD areas outside DC.

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Also, you need to check your resume. Your grammar indicates that possibly english is your 2nd language and might be causing you not to be considered because there are so many candidates without that issue. Just have a native english speaker help you polish it up a bit so you may get your foot in the door.