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First of all....Congratulations to all of you who will be graduating in the next couple of months. I keep telling myself that next year at this time it will be ME who will be getting ready to graduate. :)

Can anyone tell me if you have been contacted by hospital recruiters....or how you will go about getting your first nursing position? We were having a discussion in school yesterday about this and no one seemed to know if the hospitals contact students in their last year.....or if we will have to take the first step.

Thanks for any info you can provide me.


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Marianne, I am one of those graduating in May and I can tell you our school has ton of recruiter sessions and fairs. You can also call hospitals and ask them to come to your school, they will usually provide a lunch if you ask.

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Yes, we have had recuiters come from hospitals(bearing gifts of food and whatnots), they have come from other colleges recruiting for their ADN to BSN programs(also bearing edible/usable gifts). Most hospitals are more than happy to speak to a new grad about employment and are bending over backward to get you the best orientation they can give.

You might speak with your nursing department head or select instructors, sometimes they will arrange meetings too. And also dont forget, if you find youself comfortable at a certain clinical site, ASK the staff or nurse manager about recruitment or employment.


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Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along to my friends. I can't wait until this time next year.....when I'll be getting ready to make the decision as to where I want to work. I can't believe how fast this school year has gone by.


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Yep, we've been over-recruited in the last month. :chuckle It almost gives you a big head. :cool: And almost 90% of my class have jobs waiting on them. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. :o My family and I are moving to Boston, MA. So I have to wait until I get up there. :o I'm bummin'!

So never fear, the closer you get to that pinning on ceremony, the more you will hear "Have you thought about coming to work for us?" :D


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Contacted by my recruiter?? lol :) I RAN to my recruiter and said "I want to work in THIS hospital, and ONLY this hospital, and if you let me start in the ER

I'm only 1/2 kidding :) We have had 2 huge job fairs, with people wanting recruits of all majors. The entire university community was there, all 10,000 of us students, trying to get our resumes in the door :) I had offers from 13 different hospitals, in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and 2 in KC Kansas (we filled out one pre-application and it was distributed to all nursing recruiters in attendance, i did not actually apply to that many places, only one actually). If you find the recruiter, they WILL HIRE! About 80% of my class now has contracts signed, as many completed them over spring break. I start in the ER May 28th, and I couldnt be more excited!!! (bet you couldnt tell? :))

Contact ANY hospital you are interested in, and ask for the Human Resources Department, visit their websites, and ask for interviews!! I think just about everywhere is hiring, especially if you are willing to relocate... and if you want to move to missouri, i can email you are big list of places needed nurses NOW :)

Good luck, its very exciting!!!



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We have had tons & tons of hospitals coming in to visit us on campus. They always brings lots of free goodies, and usually give away free pizza too. It seems like every week there's another 1 or 2 there. The coolest thing was tonight. An area hospital sent invitations a couple of weeks ago to all the graduating nursing students in this area, and invited us to a very nice dinner at the hospital. I just got back a little while ago. They took us on a short tour of the facility, then had nurses and HR people that talked with us about all the opportunities they had available. After that they fed us! YAY! That was my favorite part! We had shrimp cocktails (HUGE shrimp too!), an awesome fruit salad, filet mignon and grilled salmon, new potatoes, asparagus, and white chocolate cheese cake with strawberry sauce for dessert. It was such a nice event! Oh...and they gave all of us (there were about 250 students there...probably more than that I'd say) $50 gift certificates to life uniform. Nice, nice, nice! It really does make you feel wanted!


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I'm printing off these responses to show to my friends today. Thanks so much for all the great info. I can't wait until next year!! mouth is watering for some filet mignon!! lol


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CRNAsomeday....Where in IL are you from? I'm from the Chicago this what I should be expecting?


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I live right outside of St. Louis, MO in Collinsville, IL. I'm not sure if it's what you can expect as you near graduation. . . I surely didn't expect all of this either, but it's been great!


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Some of my classmates also attended that dinner last night!

I had thought about it too, but had other things on my plate.

I do know one of my classmates RSVPed late and they had the

maxium amount already so she couldnt attend..sounds like it was well worth it for the food and goodies!! :)

I have to agree with the other posters, we have been having regular visits from recruiters since last fall. Each hospital brings the assortment of pens, bookmarks, keychains, highlighters, and of course food! We have had a couple of job fairs also.

For myself, I didnt wait for the recruiter to come to me! I researched the internet, asked a lot of nurses and went for the facilities that interested me most. I have toured 3 different hospitals to get a feel for the workplace. I finally narrowed it down to 2 hospitals, which I interviewed with over spring break.

The best advice I could share would be; know what you are looking for, ask questions and be open to shadowing in areas where you might be interested in but not sure of, these will be learning experiences even if they aren't future jobs!!

Best of luck to everyone!!



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Hey that's really neat Channa! Too bad you couldn't make it. It really was a nice event. All night I just kept thinking to myself, "I can't believe they went through all this . . . " It had to have costed bundles of bucks!

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