For those of us that didn't get in.... :(

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I know there a few of us that didn't make it into the 2011 Spring program at CSN. I applied with 26 points for the part time track, I knew it was a long shot but still gave it a try (unsuccessfully). What are you going to do to increase your chances to get in? The cut off was 27 for fulltime I read. Have you taken all your pre-req?

Anyway I just thought we could share ideas and give support. I couldn't help but feel very sad that I didn't make it.

Jessica :crying2:

I'm sorry you didn't get in. :( I know how disappointing it can be.

Have you finished all of your pre-reqs?

Can you retake the TEAS for higher points?

Can you retake any class if you're already done with all of your pre-reqs?

What about taking a CNA course for the extra point? Also, if you get 6+ months experience that is another point.

I'm going to retake my teas this coming weekend and see ifi can score any higher. I'm also going to retake a class to see if i can raise my g.p.a

I also did not get in. I had 26 pts and applied for the full-time track. I am VERY disappointed that I did not get in. I feel like a whole year is now going to waste. I guess I plan on retaking my TEAS test for a higher score and also hopefully getting my CNA certification.

Wow!! 27 was the cutoff? Insane. I'm truly sorry you didn't get in. People often have said "I don't see why one point for CNA is worth getting". Tell that to the person that got 26 points and the cut was 27. Exactly. Do what you must to get in. Take ALL the classes, do ALL the volunteer work, get CERTIFIED and max out the points. It's cheaper to retake the TEAS than to pay for CNA schooling. That's $35 vs $450+.

Do yourself a favor and take the CNA course, yes it does cost more than retaking the TEAS but those will be the very same skills you'll be going over again in the first semester of the program. Believe me it will help you to already have that knowledge given the amount of work you'll have heaped upon you. Also look at your GPA... if you didn't score well on the 2 history classes then take the political science class and obtain a higher grade. The name of the game is points, so know how they calculate them and make your changes where you need to. I went in with 30 and I didn't use the extra 1 for the CNA but I was sure glad I had that experience because it let me focus my attention elsewhere.. like the exams.

Specializes in future OB/L&D nurse(I hope) or hospice.

As far as the two history classes go and retaking them to get a better grade- the way it works with the history classes is you either get the points for taking the class and getting a C or better or you don't get the points at all. So retaking the class to bring up a grade would be doing nothing but waisting your time and money. The only classes used to calculate the GPA for points is: Biol 189, Biol 223, Math, Eng, and Psychology. Hope this helps.

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