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Recently one of the member of this forum made a suggestion that the book called NCLEX-RN new format questions third edition by Lippincot& Wilkins helped her to pass the NCLEX so I went ahead checked the book out and purchased at the local bookstore for like 26.95 $ plus the tax.The reason I got the book was that select all the apply and in general the new format questions sound the harderst to me and it is my weakness and I know that NCLEX test has many of those so I felt that this book is worth giving it a shot and I'm reviewing it and I think it definitely helps to become "better" in answering the SATA and other atypical format questions,so in good spirit I decided to pass on my personal experience with this book and shed some light to those struggling or in search of a good prep new format question book,the book has many questions and two practice tests.


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I recently passed the nclex and from my experience that book definitely help my chances of passing...I also used Saunders and Question trainer cd from kaplan...Goodluck on your exam..


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I had 75 %-select all that apply

Look at each choice as a true or fasle

Don't freak out at the 12 choices

Just one at a time

I know sounds simple,but until someone told me I would panic when I had them in practice tests

I passed

Good luck

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What about NCLEX-PN that work too? I dont know if it has lots of SATA and drag and drop on that book..Please HELP..those are my weakness too

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