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For all of those on Medicaid

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by ShayRN ShayRN (Member)

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You are reading page 11 of For all of those on Medicaid. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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No one has a problem with people who need help receiving help.

No is speaking about ALL medicaid recipients; just the ones who happen to be rude.

Regarding medicaid though, it's been my experience that the bunch is by and large bad apples. The respectful and grateful are few and far between.

According to you, that would be "the bunch by and large".

I think what it comes down to for many of us is this: yes, obnoxious patients come from every class and financial situation. But, it adds insult to injury when the person who is abusive and nasty relies on the state and the taxpayers for help, and is able bodied enough not to have to do so... Bad enough to get the "I'm the customer, so kiss my ***" mentality from anyone but IMHO, if you are on state assistance, you have zero credibility. You are NOT a customer...customer implies you are spending your own money. :rolleyes:

Hi Fribblet, looks like some people didn't get your memo about ALL medicaid recipients. Once again, (as in your earlier posts) no distinction is being made about abuse versus use, bad attitudes, etc. If you are on a Medicaid you're are not a customer, yep that's pretty darn clear.

We like our poor humble and downcast. It's so frustrating when they act like they deserve the same treatment as the rest of us, isn't it? Oh save your fingers, I know. It's not the same treatment you're protesting, it's that they want better treatment, etc. etc.

however, the majority of abuses come from medicaid

P.S. Research has proven this is not true. Thanks.

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