For all who Failed FNP AANP/ANCC exam-Study Group?


Feeling overwhelmed or drowned after failing these boards? This is how I feel right now after failing my FNP AANP exam on January, 2016. Trying to pick myself up and reaching out to everyone out there who can help or suggest any new study plans. Since both exams AANP and ANCC have updated their tests, I feel like a lost person in the Universe. Any information or guidance from anyone who passed or failed will be helpful.


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I'm getting ready to retake mine next weekend, as I already had two failed attempts.

Would you mind emailing me and letting me know what's different or what threw you off?


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Hi all,

I'm in and I have lots of excellent notes to share. And, jmcfaro9 is you e mail correct?

Lets all work on this together!


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Can I ask what you thought the hardest party of the exam was? I am taking mine in 2 weeks and could really use some friendly advice. I am extremely nervous about taking it. Thank you-


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I'm retaking mine again this Saturday. For me, I usually don't test well and second guess myself. What threw me off was several "Frail elderly" and questions that had "all except".

I look back and wish I would have used the qbank from APEA like I am now. It is helping me think through it all by the rationales given. I'm also using Leik and love the iPhone app!

im just hoping and praying this is the time as I feel more focused.

I'm also using an essential oil and hoping that aroma will help calm me because I get severe test anxiety.

I did great in school however....tests and being in a quiet room throw me for a loop haha!


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Hi all! I'm in the same boat and also failed the AANP twice! Just wanted to share my email ( case you guys want to study/review together. We will get through this! You guys are not alone! Good luck! :-)


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I will reach out to you. And yes we all deserve passing these boards!


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Just wanted to send an update that I finally passed the AANP exam yesterday....and you WILL too!

The things I did differently was not to go back and change my answers of the ones I marked. I started to but then I stopped.

Something else I did differently was getting the updated Leik book, purchased the iPhone app (used that a lot!!!) and also purchased the qbank from APEA.

I also went in with more confidence and kept reminding myself that I AM a NP....just have to jump through this hoop.

I didn't need the anxiety medication either, To be very honest, I just prayed for peace.

For me, repetition and going over all the rationales werevwry effective and caused me not to memorize. We can't memorize because the exam makes you think critically.

Hang in there, keep pushing forward and beat that test!!!! You CAN and you WILL!


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Congrats! I passed on 2/22 and I used the q bank and leik app. I also did the live apea review. Couldn't have passed if I hadn't done the live review


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Hi to all that are working to pass the FNP -ANCC exam...I failed today and have probably no one to blame but myself. I took a review course in June 15, and have been studying from a review course I took at that time. I pretty much set the 1000 question review book down (paid $80) for it at the time of the course, back in January when a I came across a question asking about HP 2000. I then started taking Exam Edge exams and was originally in the high 400's but then always over 500 (considered passing) with retakes. I did 5 of these tests, but was discouraged after being asked about nursing diagnoses (?) what's that about. I paid the $50 to take the AANP exam and passed. This morning before going to the test center I paid the $31.95 to take the APEA 100 question test and was considered "at risk"...I'm not sure if this threw me into a tailspin (I was up 1/2 the night) or if I just had severe test anxiety or what - but NOTHING could have prepared me for the exam questions I was asked. I absolutely have to pass the next try - does anyone want to share anything with me? I am not telling ANYONE that I went and failed today...but I'm wondering if anyone thinks it's better to go sooner than later? I feel as though if I had gone right after my review or hadn't waited so long to go, I may have done better? On the other hand I don't want to rush either...HELP!!!!!


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hello there Jmcfar09, which iphone app did you use? There are several out there and wondered which one I should get.