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med-surg, family practice, bariatrics
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luv4health has 21 years experience and specializes in med-surg, family practice, bariatrics.

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  1. luv4health

    Pediatric Preceptor for FNP Student in Twin Cities area

    Thanks for your reply. I have contacts my programs nurse field office and they said to "keep trying". I am a member of my local NP organization, but thus far, most of the pediatric NPs are urgent care, ER or in a pediatric specialty such as neonates or teens. I continue to search!
  2. luv4health

    Pediatric Preceptor for FNP Student in Twin Cities area

    Thanks for your response. Yes, I am a student member and am planning to attend the annual conference in November. Unfortunately, the pediatric practices here employ mostly MDs who are too busy to become a preceptor.
  3. As many of us know, it is difficult for find preceptors as FNP students. I am hoping this posting will help. I have been a nurse for the past 18 years, so I am well seasoned in the field of nursing and have excellent communication skills with patients and other providers. I am starting my adult practicum this December, but am looking for a preceptor for my pediatric rotation beginning March 2015. I have contacted several area pediatrician clinics, but one just implemented a new EHR system and staff is already overwhelmed and the other will already be taking 2 students. Are there any FNP or DNP professionals in the St Paul/Minneapolis area who would be willing to help?
  4. luv4health

    Walden University - the latest on the FNP program

    Mark- That is wonderful to read your comment about the instructors at Walden. I start in 2 weeks and am looking forward to the challenge!!
  5. luv4health

    finishing first quarter of walden fnp program

    I will be start Walden's FNP program this September and have heard from other students that it is difficult to work full time during this program. Especially if you have a family.
  6. luv4health

    Walden University - the latest on the FNP program

    I will have to disagree as I have read several of Mark's posts over the past months and certainly believe he is stating from his own experience. I was accepted at both Georgetown and Walden University's online FNP program and comparing apples to apples in regards to program content, I chose Walden. My final decision came down to the cost of tuition. I believe you get out what you put into a program. As mentioned in earlier posts, Walden, as well as Georgetown, are both CCNE accredited which is an important thing to look at when applying to NP programs.
  7. Hello Fellow nurses! I have been accepted into the online FNP programs at both Georgetown University and Walden University. I have not yet made my decision for the June 2013 cohort. There is a difference in cost and I am wondering if anyone can give me recommendations about either school? When I applied they both looked very positive, but then I really saw the price. At Walden it is 555/credit and Georgetown is 1756/credit.