For all of you active duty folks ... VA disability advice


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Just a quick word of advice. If you sustain an injury while on active duty, don't wait until you are out of the service to file a claim with the VA. Do it while you are still active! You can do a "quick start" claim if you have only 60 days of active duty remaining, or you can be super proactive and file when you have more than 60 and less than 120 days remaining; with that option, your benefits will start at discharge. It's called the "Benefit Delivery at Discharge" or BDD program.

Some basic information is here: Some Tips for Filing a VA Disability Claim - VAntage Point

I am working with my local Veterans Service Office (VSO) to file my claim. We'll see how it goes! I put it off because like many people, I felt like "I'm fine, I don't need to do this." But with injuries like mine, it's not about how I feel now, but how I feel later when I need a hip replacement or some of my other service-related ailments get out of control. Haha.

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When you make your claim list it even if you thing its nothing or never were treated for it. They will check for it when they do their exam. Unfortunately pain is not a cover disability.


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A proactive civilian lady in personnel advised me to file when I was processing though my retirement. Never would have thought to do so on my own.