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Foley hurt - afraid to urinate

Got a question.

Has anyone run into a patient who complains that the foley hurts after insertion? Also when the patient urinate, it also hurts. Is there something wrong? Can something be done? Patient is female.

check placement would be ur first response i think. maybe u put it in the wrong hole, might sound stupid, but its common from what our teacher told us. also make sure its draining properly and their no kink in the catheter like a stricture or fissure. also if the patients hurting when they urinate, ask the doctor to give them an antibiotic or some medication which relaxs the sphinctor muscle so that when the urge to urinate comes on, they do not get pain. there is some medicine, cuz i ran into this problem and the doctor didn't prescribe the medicine and when they urinated, they were trying to pee regularly but with a catheter in place and it hurt like hell. gl

Thanks for the replies, everyone.

Many patients will complain about pain/irritation after insertion for a while.

The patient should not be afraid to urinate, simply because the foley will drain the bladder with no effort at all. They may have a sensation of needing to urinate because of the irritation of the urethra, but that will not prevent urine from flowing through the tube.

If the pt has pain with urination, ask the MD for a UA, rather than an antibiotic ...

Agee with the rest, check for kinks, assess for placement (though you should have done this with insertion, people sometimes do get it wrong and leave it.), assess for some problem around the meatus and possibly consult with the physician...

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