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FNP Program at Chamberlain College of Nursing

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So...I have been in this program for a year now. It is fairly easy, I got my BSN from a regular university here in Texas, it was very hard. The master's degree at CCN seems much easier compared to my BSN, which is kinda weird. I always thought that it would be harder when you work towards obtaining your masters.

That is why I am posting this: What do students think about the FNP program with CCN? I feel that they are very relaxed with the assignments, you can make easy A's with minimal efforts. I have not started my FNP classes yet (assessment, pharm, patho, and the clinical classes), so I am hoping that it will get more stringent as I go further in the program. The most challenging part so far is finding a preceptor, apparently, the regular local universities are having the same issue, they don't find preceptors for their students anymore, so we're all in the same boat...at least in Texas.

Can someone please tell me if they feel that CCN is setting us up for failure as FNPs by being so relaxed with their classes? I would love to talk to someone who already graduated from the program.

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Honestly OP: I feel you already know the answers to your questions. Your hunches are more than likely correct.


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