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Flu shots....


Did you get one?

I went to get one at my health dept. today, and they said I was not a priorty patient. I just assummed that nursing students would be. Especially since half of their nursing staff was out sick. Hmm...oh well, clinicals aren't until Feb. Hopefully I can hold out until then.


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Priority patients are those over 65, those 6 months to 24 months (I think) and those who have severe asthma, compromised immunity, etc. Those of us who are healthy and don't fit those age ranges are not considered priority patients. Sucks, doesn't it?? Although, I have never had a flu shot and have never had the flu....(furiously knocking on wood!!!!) :eek:

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I have not; the military clinic that I go to for health care is out of vaccines at the moment. I've never had a flu shot and never had the flu before; hoping not to get it this year. I'd like to get my kids vaccinated though. I've heard way too many horror stories about this season's influenza and it's deadly effect on children. :o


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OMG... don't get me going on this! Ok, I'll get going on this:

I got the shot at school way before the hoopla, I've never gotten it before but figured I would since I commute 2 hours to school & have three kids 18 mos, 4 & 6 years & a husband with a bad broken leg (who is also a medevac pilot and will be around all kinds of sickness when he goes back to work, plus of course I'm in nursing school). A week or so ago, just before the big shortage news came out, I called the ped to get them for the kids (again, we've never gotten them - I'm not even real big on vax in general, but for various reasons decided to this time)... no appointments until almost February, so I was like what's the point? Anywhere else? Told to call health dept, they told me they had to have a prescription from ped (and no mention of a shortage, she acted fine w/ it), called ped back, they said only high risk kids, I told them my reasons & they said they'd ask doc and get back w/ me. Of course, shortage news hits next day, I never heard back from them all week. Dh called yesterday, they were going to have us pick up prescription, DH called health dept for fax # so we wouldn't have to pick up & they said they were OUT. I think my ped may have them or the mist but no F(#*$&&%#$)g appointments til Feb. plus I'm guessing I'd have to pay and arm and a leg for the three kids. Nevermind the recommendation for the 18mo old. I think the health dept is holding out b/c she didn't mention anything of a shortage before the hoopla and they've only had ONE vax appt. day since then (they only do them on Wednesdays). Only reason it peeves me is b/c I'm not even usually a person to do it anyway, but the one time I make a decision to do it, I can't get it. Tell me why I am pursing a career in the health field again??? I will probably end up spitting nails everyday for the rest of my life.

I got my flu shot in October before there was any shortage. I've been telling my husband to get his shot for months but he never made time to go and now the doctor's office is out of the vaccine. But I've heard that the vaccine doesn't exactly match the flu virus going around, so it may not do me any good.

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I didn't get the shot. A couple of days before i was to get mine, i got the flu. Still have it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.:stone

Me and the four kiddos got shot back in late October. Hubby did about 2 weeks before the "shortage". I'm kind of a geek about getting it every year... It all started one year when I read about the flu epidemic of 1918. Too scary for me. I figure the vaccine can't hurt and it might help....not bad odds for me. :)

So many people think the flu is just a bad cold. If you've ever had the flu, you know better -- feels like you got hit by a mack truck. I don't have time to be sick!!!


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I'm calling my school today about this.....

We have to have all of our titers, TB Test, Hep B, etc etc for clinicals.... but no word now on a flu shot.

I know I'm not priority (don't fall into any of the categories) but my clinical next semester is at a nursing home..... that just seems weird that they would risk the health of the residents - that is what I'm worried about - the flu won't kill me.


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