Flu season?


Anybody else seeing flu-like symptoms? Already this morning I'm sending two home with fever, body aches, lethargy, throat pain, etc. And I've sent a couple home in the past couple of weeks... I'm a little worried about this, I'm not gonna lie:confused:

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Same here. I had a pretty quiet winter and just sent 3 home yesterday. Some had GI issues along with the fever and other issues, so I am wondering if H1N1 is making a resurgance out here. This was about the time frame of it's initial outbreak.

But, we have also had a very nasty strain of strep going around here so it might be that and not flu. I myself have had strep twice in 4 weeks, just finished the 2nd round of abx last night and woke up this morning with another sore throat and swollen R tonsil. :( I'm wondering when they are going to come out and call it ampicillin resistant strep. It's only a matter of time before everything is resistant to first line meds.

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Our state DPI school nurse consultant sends out weekly updates on flu activity in the state.

Our region had moderate activity in January but activity is low now. That's not definitive, I know, but your state public health dept may publish similar information somewhere on the web.

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Per CT DPH our FLU indicators went down from Widespread to Regional last week. You can look on the CDC website for the FLU map and it will show how your state is doing.


For those that have spring break next week....ENJOY!!:yeah:


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My son just got over the flu, a nasty bout indeed. This is in CT. @mandm97, where in CT are you???? I work in Hartford, live in Manchester. We might be neighbors!

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Yes we are...........as the crow flies! Work in Stafford and live in Willington. Always nice to meet a neighbor!