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Hello All Florida Nurses & Travelers I want everyone to be Upfront & Honest With this One! Where is the Absolute WORST PLACE to work as an RN, Or as a Nurse in General In any part of Florida? I... Read More

  1. by   pedinurse05
    Quote from nursprl
    Orlando Hospitals suck: Orlando Regional and Florida Hospital. Pay is low, even as a traveler and you feel like your license is on the line. I thought Tampa and St. Petersburg weren't too bad. I felt appreciated at All Children's in St. Pete and was treated well; where at Arnold Palmer (part of Orlando Reg., I was an overpaid baby-sitter who was bored for 12 hrs).

    I must agree the Orlando regional healthcare system (includes Arnold Palmer, ORMC, SSEM, and others) is scary. I had 5 stepdown patients many times! I felt scared every time I worked! I wish they would up there standards to those in Cali! I love working in Cali!
  2. by   LadyNASDAQ
    Baptist in Miami is no better than any of the others. I'm from Miami and hated the place. Very stuck up Docs who would belittle Nurses and treat them like children. I took my Critical Care Symposium Course there. It was a grueling 6 week class. I decided to pay for it myself out of pocket and observe the place to decide whether I want to leave my other job at the time. I saw mistakes, Nurses being talked down to and a lot of internal problems just like any other FL. hospital.

    Too many snobs there. I have learned not to act like that or be one, thank goodness. I never try to belittle anyone or talk down to anyone. I offer to help but if it isn't wanted, I know to back off.
  3. by   medicine girl
    Stay away from any HCA!!! they only care abut how much they can put into their pockets. everything is centered around "process" not patient care, and definitly not about the nurses.
  4. by   JR816
    Flagler Hospital is an awesome facility. I look forward to starting next week as a GN onthe oncology floor. I was forewarned it was very busy but the I will will learn alot very quickly.
  5. by   rbrabbit
    morton plant in clearwater is magnet and just thinking of my time there makes me want to cringe.
  6. by   scattycarrot
    Just moved to jacksonville....how about the hospitals here???
  7. by   Mexarican
    The Whole State!

  8. by   land64shark
    Quote from rbrabbit
    morton plant in clearwater is magnet and just thinking of my time there makes me want to cringe.

    this surprises me. i haven't had any clinicals there yet. what was the problem? for some reason i had the idea that morton plant is a place i should be interested in working after graduation. no?
  9. by   KellieNurse06
    wow.....one of my nurses who has been taking care of my daughter for the past 8 years, just finished her masters recently through UOP (she's an elementary school nurse by day, & home care nurse by night at my house)...and just told me the other day that they are moving to Florida.....her husband is a teacher & has been foaming at the mouth to move there for as long as they have been married. ....She got licensed in Sept for there & had their house for sale since then......and they have a house being built as we speak. The are going to Kissimmee /St Cloud I believe??? Her husband has always been disney disney disney, you know ( a big kid himself)They go a minimum 3 times a year, every year & have for the past 14 years. I have a friend who lives in Deltona/Lake Mary area (originally grew up in Chicago, and is a Doctor in Speech Pathology there) & she says so many people come there with "Disney Vision" that it ends up being nothing they thought it was & move out of there. Her & her hubby are building a home in SC due to the hurricane issues alone.......She always said she could care less about Disney and some people forget there is a real world beyond disney.....lol
    She may be getting a teaching job in nursing or big corporate nursing job down there I am assuming......but I thought that's a big thing to pick up & just move there without really knowing how it is to live & work there,and to have a huge mortgage to pay on top of that if you end up hating it....... I wanted to move there after visiting the 1st time..yes I was all ooh's & aaahs that 1st time visiting.......now after going a few times....I would not move there for anything or any amount of $$$$.......visit yes, but move there for good no.
    They have a 13 yr old daughter & 11 year old son........ all I can say is good luck with that especially moving them there at those ages......
    Anyway it doesn't sound like it's all what it is cracked up to be.........I know a couple of people who moved there & ended up coming back home again.....
    So, for all of you who have been there for a long time, do alot of people who weren't born & raised there move there on a whim & see it's not all they expected it to be? Just curious.....
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  10. by   hlfpnt
    Quote from scattycarrot
    Just moved to jacksonville....how about the hospitals here???

    The ones I've heard nasty things about are Shands, Memorial, Orange Park Medical, & Kindred. The last three are for profit facilities (Memorial & OP are sister hospitals) & are bad enough they can't keep staff. On the other hand there's Baptist, St. Lukes, St. Vincent's, Mayo, & Brooke's Rehab that I really haven't heard any negative comments on.
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  11. by   scattycarrot
    Thanks hlfpnt! Feeling slightly disheartened about the whole nursing thing. Just moved here from England,where conditions are terrible and I need to start the process of getting my licence but have no motivation whatssoever and keep putting it off! Theres always cleaning and unpacking to do...... ;-)
  12. by   hlfpnt
    You're welcome!
  13. by   RN Director Eileen
    Baptist Health System is great - Baptist Medical Center Beaches is super. Low staffing ratios (ICU 1:1 - 1:2, PCU 1:2 - 1:3, M/S 1:4 - 1:5, Surgical Monitored 1:4 - 1:5), lift team (soon to have all lift equipment and become no lift), team work - including the managers, great VP Nursing. Pay is competitive with other hospitals. Obtaining System Magnet status. I have worked other places and the ratios were more like 1:6 - 1:8 on M/S and Surgical. It is friendly and nice here.