What is the GPA needed to get in Miami dade College

  1. i have been in a roller coaster these past few months. first i was going to attend robert morgan, for the lpn prgm because of the waiting time on the rn prgm. but then changed my mind. i decided to apply to mdc. i have a ba degree and two yrs of biology, my gpa is standing at a 3.1. i wonder what are my chances of getting in the program in mdc, wheter its generic or accelerated.


    feel free to share any advice.
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    Just checked their site and for generic it has the following:

    Cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher for any college level courses completed and a grade of C or above for any course required for the Nursing Program

    I'd say with a 3.1 you'll be fine in that aspect of admission requirements.

  4. by   Ltorres5351
    i know its a 2.0 but with nursing application process you hear so many different things. they say u need a 2.0 but not everyone w/ a 2.0 gets in. thats why im concerned w/ the fact that if w/ a 3.1 is this good enough.

  5. by   CT Pixie
    My bad..thought you were asking if the GPA was good enough. Yes, the GPA you have exceedes the required 2.1 they want. That doesn't mean you will automatically get in. There are other aspects to the application process. Some want you to take the NET and get a certain score, some you have to have an interview.

    IT could be a first come first serve type thing where as long as you meet the requirements, if you apply and get your things in, if there's a spot you have it.

    I'd say the best thing to do is call the school and speak with an advisor to see what the chances are and if they take other things into consideration beside the gpa etc.

    best of luck to you. (I am going the LPN route first because the RN schools around here..CT..are nearly impossible to get in. Long waiting lists, crazy pre-req lists etc.)
  6. by   Ltorres5351
    Ct, I was going to do the same thing w/ lpn but the school I was accepted to for LPN is too expensive. I decided to go ahead and try to get in the Accelerated program RN. The only requirement is the Pre-req which are Anatomy and Physiology I and II Statistics, and any two sciences which they accepted Epidemiology and Nutrition. In all these My GPA is a 3.1 and also u need to have your BA,and pass a reading test w/ a 78% 20 questions.

    I have taken the NLN and the TEAS and I have passed it for other schools the problem is the money to pay for tuition. So I am hoping to get in this Community college which is way cheaper.

    I will be putting three apllications for generic Full time and Part time and the Accelerated.

  7. by   szelda
    Remember applying to accel. can increase your chances of getting it aside from applying to the generic program. Remember, for accel., you still need to complete CHM1033 and MCB2010 before graduation. With the accel. program, it is VERY, VERY, VERY, HARD to do this with the class load, even in the generic program, people are having a hard time passing both nursing and co-reqs. If you decide to transfer to the generic program after being admitted, they won't let you transfer until you have taken CHM1033.

    Take chemistry, anyway. You need it for the BSN, which MDC was FINALLY APPROVED FOR (Spring '08)!!!!!
  8. by   Ltorres5351
    Hey thanks, for letting me know. I already completed Microbilogy at another school in New York. I will be taking Chemistry 1033 in May 2007. By any chance do you know of any great taeachers that teach chemistry I am so scared of that class. I have been reading Chemistry books already trying to memorize the elements and the Metal and Nonmetal.

    I am so depressed today I went to take the CPT test and got a 60%, in order to apply to Accelerated in Nursing in MDC I need to get a 78%. They gave me a practice test and scored an 80% thats when I went ahead and decided to take the CPT and got a 60. I only have one more chance to take this test and get a 78 if not I do not qualify to apply for accelerated, Im stuck with Generic.

    What are the pre-requisite for Generic Fulltime or Part time.

    I already completed :
    Anatomy and Physiology I
    Anatomy and Physiology II
    English, Im exempt from critical thinking because I have a BA and a AA.
    Chemistry on May

    What are my chances now for generic. My GPA is a 3.1. If I take Chemistry then it will be a 3.4 if I can get an A

  9. by   Mexarican
    i would recommend Jorge Salinas @ MDC for Chem1033...he explains everything nice and slow...those who fail his class didn't try hard enough or because he really goes out of his way to teach you everything. He teaches it like a math class...step by step and slow.

  10. by   Ltorres5351
    Wow thanks, for the reccomendation. I registered with Johann, and for lab Jean. Are they ok.

  11. by   Mexarican
    dunno, i can only speak for Salinas...he was awesome! the majority did well as the test scores reflected it, with the occasional dead beats, people who just come to school to waste time. but everyone who tried was at least getting a "C" and he said himself he had a high level of "A"s in his course. In my opinion it was his teaching method.

  12. by   Ltorres5351
    Thanks NW, are you looking to get in the RN program and if so where will you be going?

  13. by   Thedreamer
    They say its 2.0 But I have a 3.2 and have been rejected three times

    So I applied and got into sheridan tech as an LPN. Then im going to apply to the LPN --> RN transition program.
  14. by   Ltorres5351
    Wow don't scare me. At MDC you have been rejected? My GPA is a 3.1, On May 7th I will take my last requirement Chemistry, hopefully this can help me get in. I am also taking First Aid, just to boost the GPA at Leats to a 3.4 or 3.5. Where is Sheridan