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  1. by   NP Sam
    Yes I am feeling impatient!!! 1 in 5.. why does that make me feel good? Something I noticed was a lot people who were applicants to UF last year and wrote about on allnurses.com were accepted. Of course no one knows which application belongs to what allnurses member.... did anyone else notice that?
  2. by   twodollarbills
    haha that is nice thinking, I wish that were the case, but actually what I noticed was that there were a lot of people that posted and then when letters came out a lot of people posted that they got in, but there were a lot of people that just never posted ever again, maybe they felt too embarrassed to say they were denied.
    I am glad that 1 in 5 makes you feel good, because it really freaks me out, I want to hear something more like 1 in 2 hahaha.
  3. by   NP Sam
    Speaking of the 1 in 2 thing, The University of alabama at birmingham ABSN advisor told me earlier this week that 250 apply and 100-150 get in their program. I will apply to their upper division program as soon as it becomes available online. Not excited about out of state tuition though.
  4. by   mdaniellek
    So I just got an e-mail that the ABSN program will be starting in the Fall instead of the Summer. . . I wonder if this means decision letters will come later than March?
  5. by   LJR2010
    I've also been wondering if since they changed the start date if they will be taking longer to review the applications. I assume it will be the same as last year though, I think we will know in about a month and a half.
  6. by   Abby UF
    Hi everyone,

    I've been following you for a few weeks now and finally decided to sign up. I emailed someone this week and he stated the new start date should not delay decision letters. The following is his response:

    "The program will be starting in Fall and there shouldn’t be any sort of delay in getting notices out to students."

    Based on the posts from last year's applicant, letters should be arriving around March 7th or 8th.

    I wish you all luck...this waiting game is killing me!!!
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  7. by   twodollarbills
    thanks for looking into that, I am so happy to read that we will find out in march still! I already cannot handle waiting, I couldnt imagine waiting much longer!
  8. by   NP Sam
    This is what I am feeling like lol. I was reading the posts from last year and they said that their letter was dated the first Monday in March. That means we have about TWO weeks until we know!

    Are you guys getting your Bachelors this year or do you already have it? Originally I would have been graduating May 2nd and possibly beginning UF a week or two later if the program still began in May.
  9. by   twois
    I got my BA last May, so... almost a year ago.

    However, I was accepted yesterday to my top choice ABSN program, so while I'm going to let my application to UF stand and make the final decision after I know in a few weeks (and find out my financial aid situation at Duke), I'll most likely be declining UF and heading up to NC. Good news for y'all - a shrinking applicant pool...
  10. by   NP Sam
    I almost applied to Duke too! I said that would be my top choice also. Congratulations!!!
  11. by   twois
    Thanks! I'm really excited about it. When I went up a few weeks ago to interview, I was just floored with the faculty and facilities there. It would have been easy to stay here in Gainesville and continue at UF, but I think it's gonna be a great opportunity for me (especially since I can essentially go straight from their BSN to their MSN program) so I'm gonna go for it.

    If UF doesn't work out for you, and the tuition doesn't scare you away, I would really encourage you to give Duke a shot! They place a *lot* of emphasis on the whole person in applications, not just test scores and grades... I know for a fact that my academics are not quite as strong as some folks who weren't accepted. The people I've met so far that are part of the incoming class are really top-notch, passionate people.
  12. by   Shaunna
    You guys are lucky! I graduated last May, then started right into the program with no break. It really sucked; I wish I had had a summer off.
  13. by   madden52
    Hey Shaunna,
    Im waiting to hear back from UF (crossing fingers I get in), and I saw on this post that you are in the program right now. Do you think it is possible to hold a part-time job, even though they discourage having one? Also, what was your class schedue like? Do you have clinicals first semester? What hours are you in class from? Do you have any free time between 8-5 pm during the week? Also, regarding clinicals, where are the different rotations held, and what hours are you usually at the hospital for for clinicals? Also, does the nursing school give preference to those who lack transportation, or is it easy for people to get car pools to the clinical sites? I dont have a car and Im kinda worried about that. Sorry for all the questions. Any help is appreciated!! Thanks!