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  1. by   bellanna
    i would like to ask what backgrounds and gpa's of some of the applicants who were accepted. I see that the people who usually post their gpa are really high. I have a degree in computer science which is much more difficult than a phsychology degree. I am not intending to belittle anyone. But do they look at that? I have a 3.2 cumulative. I am working on prereqs right now. I think ill get (3.7). In addition, I am a certified respiratory therapist with 4 years of subacute experience but I haven't practiced in 10 years. i would like to apply to ucf. Basically I am interested to see what applicants are making it into the accelerated bsn programs and if my low cummulative gpa is going to stand in the way.
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  2. by   aboo2488
    UF looks at upper division gpa and not culmalative. my upper was a 3.93 and i had an average GRE score was waitlisted but got in. I dont think that they care what your previous degree was in just your GPA. I think the other schools in FL look at prereq GPA over culmalative. I had all A's and B+'s for prereqs and was waitlisted pretty much everywhere and i had good test scores for the nursing exams.
  3. by   SP1534
    Yep...My upper division GPA for UF was a 3.9 and my Pre Req GPA was about a 3.9 something as well. I was Health Science undergrad at UF and have worked for a plastic surgeon and got hands on patient care exp. for the last two years since graduating. My GRE I thought was the lowest part of my application but was in the 1100's and I got into UF, UCF and USF. Hope this helps!!
  4. by   LJR2010
    I'll post my info because I remember how badly I wanted to know everyone's stats back when I was still applying. My overall GPA is a 3.46 but my last 60 credits GPA is a 3.7. I got a 1280 GRE, I only used the power prep software. My degree was in biology, and I had volunteered at the Mayo Clinic. I only applied to UF and got in.

    Do whatever you can to strengthen your application. Retake a course if your GPA is low, do volunteer work to show that you are really interested in the profession, and keep studying until you are satisfied with your practice GRE scores.

    Good luck to all who are applying next year!
  5. by   LadyBird2967
    Quote from gatorgrad
    I'm currently enrolled. 3.03 and 1150 got me in. Go for it!
    Great to hear!
  6. by   seaglassgreen
    So, anyone have any feedback on the program?? Likes? Dislikes?
  7. by   lstuckey1
    I can't send PMs yet, but I will tell you a bit about UF ABSN.
    First, they are making a lot of changes at UF CON. The ABSN program started in August last year with the junior generic students. This year, you all will be starting in May. I think this will be really nice because then you don't have 200 students starting all at the same time.

    Things I like about the program
    1) Most of the professors are fabulous. They are extremely good teachers, and they try to ensure that everyone succeeds. Especially first semester, you get Derrico for a couple classes...he is awesome.
    2) UF is very interdisciplinary. This can be really great and interesting some times. We have what is called IFH, where you have to make home visits to a patient's house for two semesters with other professional students (Med, dentistry, etc.). It can be a pain, but I think I got a lot out of it. Also, the dental, med, nursing school have a lot of socials together for fundraising for trips and just for fun!
    3) I love the other people in the program. I met two other ABSN students on allnurses, and we now live together near Shands. It is wonderful living with other UF nursing students that know how hard it can be.
    4) North Florida Hospital in Gainesville hires a lot of the nursing students at UF to train them and give them more clinical experience as techs. My roommates have done this in the emergency department there and have loved it.
    5) I have been told that going the ABSN route at UF really facilitates your movement into one of their masters or DNP programs.

    Things I don't love
    1) The CON just went through some curricular changes. It now emphasizes community experiences. I don't love community stuff, simply because I want to work in a hospital. Also, a lot of students feel like this takes away from our hospital clinical time. We get 8 hrs of hospital clinical a week for the first 2 semesters.
    2) Sometimes things can be disorganized. This is definitely class specific though.
    3) There were a lot of students (final semester students) that had to go through remediation because they did not score high enough on the HESI (exit exam for nursing school). Remediation means staying an extra semester. This concerns me, however, I do know that UF has one of the highest pass rates in the state for NCLEX.
    4) The grading scale is different...a 95+ is an A, 93-94 is an A-, 91-92 is a B+, 84-90 B etc. This can be a total pain, but I do think employers and grad schools recognize how hard UF is.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions private message me with your email in the first line, and I will email you my information. It's just tough b/c I can't send private messages.
  8. by   maanggohs
    Hi! Regarding the HESI exit exam, I heard that you need at 95% to pass the HESI, is that true?

    So what would students in remediation do during the extra semester?