Tallahassee anyone?

  1. Anyone work in the Tallahassee area? I currently am in Alaska and may relocate:typing. I have family in Woodsville and it seems like a nice area. Just wondering what the hospitals were like to work for? Anyone?
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  3. by   CrazyCatLadyRN
    I go to FSU in Tally right now. I start the nursing program in the fall. I just got my acceptance letter. I don't know much about the hospitals here yet, but, I love the area. It's so beautiful.
  4. by   untamable07
    I am a last semester nursing student in Tallahassee, It is a nice town. The pay is about 18.00-20.00/hr base not including your experience or shift differential. The pay is not the best but the cost of living is somewhat low. There are two main hospitals Tallahassee Memorial and Capital Regional. Rumor has it Capital pays more but you won't get the experience you want because if something goes wrong they're going to be tranferred to TMH. Hope this helps you out. Did you mean Woodville is where your family lives. That area is considered the country but has a growing housing market and is about 30 minutes outside of town.
  5. by   emsboss
    I guess it is Woodville, no "S". $18-$20 is this for a new Grad? I am at 5yrs, all in ICU and ED with a long/strong EMS experience.
  6. by   SpaceCoastRN
    Pay in Florida will not typically compare to many other states. EMS and nursing are overall low. Everyone says the cost of living makes up for it, don't tend to agree personally. I was actually thinking of doing the opposite, leaving FL for AK after a couple years experience (nursing, I have over 19 in EMS).
  7. by   emsboss
    Right now am at $32.92/hr as 8 year RN. Hospital I work for gave me 3 years RN for 25 as Paramedic:icon_roll
  8. by   FLmomof5
    Florida's pay is historically below market no matter what an employer claims. After 15 yrs of earning $65K - $75K, I moved to FL to work in Winn-Dixie's IT department. When they offered me $58K I literally laughed at the HR rep and said, "you're kidding, right?!?!?!" She wasn't! They will claim that you won't have state income tax. OK, but that is why we pay over 8% in sales tax....to make up for that!

    For me, getting back to FL was worth it in the end. Ultimately it is a personal decision. OH! BTW, the State of FL (Tallahassee) was offering IT jobs at even LESS!
  9. by   SpaceCoastRN
    The panhandle area seems to be lower paying than most, well and the County I live in Brevard is below average for the state for EMS/Fire as well as nursing.