St.Mary's or Good Sam in West Palm Beach???

  1. hey guys, this is my second post on the same topic (my first post seem to have disappeared as i am unable to find it). anyhow, i am currently an rn in new york with plans of relocating to west palm beach florida. i have been working as an rn for almost 4 years. i would greatly appreciate anyone with knowledge of both hospitals to please give me their opinions; most importantly, i'd like to know the salary :-) i was also checking out boca raton regional hospital and i am impressed by what i saw online. does anyone have any information on this hospital as well (including the salary)? i have been surfing the net daily but i am unable to find much. by the way, my experience has been on a med-surge telemetry floor. please help :-)
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    Maybe check the Florida forum... threads will be moved by staff to the forum where they are most likely to get the most exposure appropriate to the topic
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    Quote from xtxrn
    Maybe check the Florida forum...
    Great idea!

    We moved the thread to the Florida nurses forum for more responses and more local feedback. Good luck to the OP!
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    There are a number of FL threads regarding those areas.As a general rule, your pay rate will drop considerably by relocating to FL. And while there is no state income tax, the cost of living is really not as low as it should be to compensate. Especially for the WPB are.I will tell you, as a native FL transplanted to the North, that part of FL is kryptonite to most travelers. Many do one tour of duty and vow to never set foot in the state again. Most facilities are technology-poor, years behind the times, and focus on "customer service", often to the deficit of good medical/nursing care. It is making the client happy, no matter the price. And the population in WPB tends to be older, entitled clientele.I can tell you that out 18 hospitals that I have worked as traveler or staff, Boca Raton was the absolute worse that I have encountered in my life. The facility was attractive, the ads look nice, but actually working there was a nightmare. You will find this opinion backed up by others, on several threads about FL.
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    Used to live there and have family there now. Salaries are poor in FL. The best hospital near that area is in Boynton Beach. Might want to check that out. In my experience both St Mary's and Good Sam are related somehow business wise so I bet salaries are close to the same. Boca is a odd town, very clique type place, Not a good palce to work or live unless you have the $$ and can do it well. Going north Jupiter had a small but pleasant hospital. St mary's used to do all the medicaid and indigent but i think now it is split.
    I 'd say the best part of FL is the winter weather. Does not even have great beaches till you go north or south. Best of luck.
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    Thank you! I'm trying to locate the Florida forum with no luck so far. Any tips on how to locate it? I'm pretty new to this site :-)
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    Look at the top of the page for the gold toolbar. Click on US, and a menu for all the states will appear.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way........ Welcome to the site.
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    Thank you for your response!!!
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    Oh Thanks...just found it!!!
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    Great! If you need further help, you can always post in the Help Desk. The link can be found under Help at the top of the page or under Help Desk at the bottom.

    Have a great day!