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I'm thinking about going for my BSN. Is anyone currently in the BSN program at South Unversity. Is it a good program??? Any information would really be appreciated.... Read More

  1. by   sportyN
    Is anyone applying to South Un. for BSN (Spring 2010)?
    I'm international student, and I'm looking for school that would offer as much as possible practical experience? :thnkg:Would you be so kind to share any information about South Un. or any other school in Florida, Virginia or Georgia? Thank you
  2. by   bellafsu89
    I'm so glad to hear that you all have had a good experience with South University! Honestly I had never heard of it before and when I was doing my research on Florida nursing schools I was very surprised that SU existed and was accredited as well. I am going to meet with an advisor next week to get more information and sign up for the TEAS. I hope to be accepted into the program for April of 2010. I would love to hear more about current students and their experiences with this university. How does SU compare to other universities? Is it similar to FAU, Keiser, PBCC? How about the faculty? Thanks in advance for the info! :spin:
  3. by   2bnurseTV
    I am scheduled to start my prereqs in a few weeks (mid quarter) in wpb. I was told matter of factly by admissions that South University are considered before transfers to the nursing program. I hope I wasnt misled. They are using the Teas test and gpa in prereqs as entrance.

    To anyone who has attended, how do you think this program compares in difficulty to others? I was quoted a 92% graduation rate for the BSN program. Does this sound accurate?

    I am very nervous after reading so many discourageing posts.
  4. by   dangerkader08
    Hi, I am interested in attending south university. I have another year of pre reqs and wont get done until the summer of 2011. Can you please send me information about gpa, waitlist, is it hard to get in? Is it a good nursing school, and when would it e the best time for me to apply? Im deathly afraid that i wont get accepted. Also when do you apply for the fall semester? Sorry for all the questions. My email is
  5. by   prmimi4

    I am currently a student at South University - Tampa. It is really an excellent school, though quite expensive. I am finishing up my pre-req's now and I currently am applying for the October 2010 class. The applications are due May 28th. When applying keep in mind that you are going up against the average GPA of the group. The higher your GPA the better and especially if your core classes - sciences, etc are good. It is getting harder to get in because we get a lot of transfer students from USF who are coming to our school because they feel it is easier to get into our school. I believe they set aside a certain # of seats for non - South students. You also have to take the TEAS exam, though I do not know if a high score on it is an absolute determining factor for acceptance. The school is properly accredited and you do have the support of the staff and academic advisors. Be prepared to work hard and make sure that you are 100% committed to obtaining this degree. I chose to go here because they seem to have a good reputation and I was able to accomplish a Bachelors Degree in nursing in 3 years total time than the traditional 4 year time commitment. I will be taking the TEAS exam next week. Hopefully I will do GPA is pretty good right now so I hope my chances are good. It all depends the average GPA for this group applying now, if the average is high then it all depends on everything else, but if the average is lower than my GPA then I have definately a pretty good chance of getting in.
  6. by   dangerkader08
    Thanks for the info. My top choices are south university or university of Tampa. I am praying that I get accepted to either one. Just scared about the whole applying and accepting process.
  7. by   foxycats
    I am considering going to this university as well I am loving how the quarter system is. For those that are in the program do you feel it was going to fast when its three months like that?
  8. by   gkarat
    hi everyone! I've been reading all the post so far and everything about South University sounds up to par but I still don't what is tuition...can someone please share that information with me?
  9. by   Shamanai
    looking at the website i don't see the labs as part of the gpa calculation... it merely says A&P, micro, and chem. On the other pg that includes all pre reqs for the degree it explicitly includes the lab... so does that mean for gpa purposes lab isn't included... and what are the average TEAS scores? I got an 80% on mine.
  10. by   brtnee
    anybody from texas doing south university online? if so can you tell me about the program?:heartbeat
  11. by   llg
    I'd also like to know ... I South University a "for-profit" school or a non-profit?
  12. by   icaspe
    I believe they are "for-profit". I took a few online classes with them in the recent past.
  13. by   levzahav9
    I'm actually considering this school even though it's pretty pricey, just because my sister went to South at WPB (they call it Royal Palm Beach now) and she loved it. It's an 18-month program because of the quarter system, and there is one class they have as a pre-req that I wasn't able to find at BC or FAU which is Pathophysiology. They offer this one class at FAU but only once you're in the nursing program, otherwise it's not available. This one class is the reason why I'm going to their school for the last fall quarter. I'll also be taking Micro and Nutrition there as well.

    Grand total for their program comes out to about $50K, so loans are kind of a given unless you are lucky enough to have someone donate to the cause lol. I think it's a good deal considering schools like UM and Barry U, which cost a lot more. Nova is about $10k less.

    When it comes to the attention you get, from my personal experience thus far, it's all been stellar. It's a tiny campus (the director told us in Orientation today that there are 1,100 students enrolled for this last quarter) so the classes are smaller. They're finishing up a brand new building just for nursing so the facilities will be brand new. As far as private schools go, I think I will def. choose this one!