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  1. Seriously considering taking an online certified RN Coder/Auditor course. Has anyone taken it? Is this a needed, lucrative field? Any advice?
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  3. by   halo425
    I was hoping someone had given some advice on this so I can get some feedback , too. What did you decide?
  4. by   kdbtab
    Clinincal Coding Solutions hires nurse coders and auditors and has a huge demand. Pay ranges from $30-$50hr for based on expertise. All work done from HOME.
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  5. by   angelrnstat
    Quote from kdbtab
    Clinincal Coding Solutions hires nurse coders and auditors and has a huge demand. Pay ranges from $30-$50hr for based on expertise. All work done from HOME.
    I would like some more information on this please.
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  6. by   spydercadet
    Definitely a great idea. The more skills you have the better you'll do. Understanding billing and coding and being a nurse puts you in a unique position to assist physician offices, especially those who utilize NP's and PA's. The organization called AHIMA.org, you can find it on line, is one of the best organizations to be certified by.

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  7. by   Sunflower3
    I'm definitely interested but don't know how to send an email via this forum! Any help here? Thanks!!

  8. by   sirI
    One can click on a name and send a private message.
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    I sent you a messsage but realized that's what you were asking about. Click on "my account" and it will let you access what is available to your level of usership (not really sure that's a word, but it works here)

  10. by   angelrnstat
    Can you tell me what courses and where for your coding certification? I would really appreciate any information.
  11. by   glenmar3
    I just enrolled in a course that I found in my local area through the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) website, www.aapc.com The course is two evenings a week for two hours and runs 14 weeks. This particular course includes membership in the AAPC and the actual cost of the examination in its fees. The total package including books ran about $2500.00.

    I've been looking into this for a long time. There seems to be a huge demand for RN Coders both in health care facilities and doing contract work from home. I guess I'll find out in November (after I've taken the exam) whether or not I've wasted my money.
  12. by   kdindn
    I'm also very interested in becoming an RN Coder. When I went to the ahima.org web site, I didn't see any certification specifically for RN's, I wasn't sure which certification would be the one to pursue. Can anyone give me some more information or guidance? Thank you!
  13. by   glenmar3
    There is only one organization that actually certifies RNs as "RN Coders" and it seems to be run by nurses that own their own national billing company and hire the graduates of their RN "boot camp" to work for them. I've done a lot of research on this and the two most recognized certification boards are the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

    Both offer different levels of coding certification and specialization and seem to be universally accepted. I'm currently taking a course approved by the AAPC to sit for the CPC (certified professional coder) exam and to be credentialed by them. The course is four hours a week for fourteen weeks. There seem to be lots of companies looking for RNs with coding certification by the AAPC or AHIMA to do audits both contractually at home or on site in physician's offices and health care facilities.

    Clinical Coding Solutions, MedAssurant, and Outcomes (outcomesinc.com) are a few. I'm enjoying the course and there is a lot more to this than I thought. If you like problem solving and a feeling of accomplishment then you'll probably like coding.
  14. by   kdindn
    Thank you so much for that information. Just one more question, the community college in my area offers an A.S. degree in coding that's approved by and gives AHIMA certification with successful completion. Do you think this would be a good way to go, or would it be better to do one of the programs AHIMA or AAPC offers? The A.S. program would take longer, but the facility I work for would pay for it in terms of tuition reimbursement and I don't think they'd pay for a course that wasn't part of a college curriculum. Any opinions? Thanks again.