PHCC Fall 2013 hopefuls - page 2

Just wanted to see who all is applying for any program in the fall. I'm going to be applying for the generic RN and LPN program for backup.... Read More

  1. by   magdikarp
    LPN going for RN Bridge.

    GPA: 3.0
    Overall GPA: 3.4
    Teas: Proficient. (Retaking next week and crossing fingers to get above.)
  2. by   tinkerljh
    I applied to the RN transition program today. Pre req GPA: 3.6 TEAS: 87%.
  3. by   jdoyle33613
    Hi, I just applied last week for the Generic RN program at PHCC. I have a 4.0 GPA and got an 80.7 on my TEAS. Praying so hard I get in even though I am out of county (Hillsborough).
  4. by   Cam1801
    30 minutes left to apply!!!!! Decision time is here, finally Just another couple of weeks of waiting!
  5. by   cnamarieg
    Anyone applied for the transition program?
  6. by   cnamarieg
    tinkerljh Ohh I'm sure you will get in. I'm freaking out because I only scored 60% :/
  7. by   cnamarieg
    magdikarp Did you retake it?
  8. by   heydanixo
    Quote from cnamarieg
    tinkerljh Ohh I'm sure you will get in. I'm freaking out because I only scored 60% :/
    I applied to lpn with a 66 :/
  9. by   Cam1801
    I was looking at my gpa and actually have a 3.78! I was looking at everyone's gpa and recalculated mine, and whoops!!!! I can't believe I did that. I have taken Calculus and apparently can't add and multiply. I just hope it is all good enough to get in I have been driving myself crazy with the statistics and past threads. I just can't wait to find out!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. by   tinkerljh
    Does anybody know when the committee meets & how long it should take to get letters? My application confirmation letter just says they will meet after the deadline.
  11. by   Cam1801
    They meet mid June, and in past threads students got letters June 16-29th(from what I have read).
  12. by   tinkerljh
    It doesn't really make a difference but the anticipation is killing me! I've got to occupy my brain with something, so those dates will help me focus for right now.
  13. by   RNwannabe15
    Hello Everyone! I applied for the LPN programs at both the North & West Campus! I scored a 87% on the TEAS & a Pasco Resident so I'm hoping that it is enough to get me a seat. I'm anxious as HECK to find out whether i got in or not! These next few weeks are going to be a killer!!!!!! =x Hope we all get in & get to be classmates! =]