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Hi everyone!! I probably am jumping the gun by posting this already but I'm too excited and just can't believe I'm finishing up my last semester of pre reqs for the program. I take my HESI on Feb... Read More

  1. by   monablue
    "this is for monablue,

    i'm not going to lie to you, this was the hardest i have ever worked in classes and got b's. it's not impossible with a family, i wouldn't know because i'm 23, single, no kids, living at home, but friends of mine in the program have little ones. however, be prepared to study. i didn't see any non-nursing school friends for the entire semester except maybe twice. i studied at work, at home, at school, listened to lectures while driving. ate, slept, and breathed nursing school. clinicals is terrifying, lecture is overwhelming, but it is do-able. i finished the semester, did okay on finals. my advice to you is read before class, read after class,
    record the lectures! but, it is doable, so also don't freak out and don't let it totally overwhelm you before you start. you can do this"

    thank you very much! even when you scared to me, you shot to the clue, the power of "i can d
    :d it", hoping we can know about more of your tips
  2. by   mjmommy23
    I am so ready to find out already! Hope everyone's points are posted by now. Im hoping that denials go out on the 14th like last year because that is next week!
  3. by   mkearns724
    Ok ladies, I just talked to registration (because my points have not been posted yet) and asked if there were a lot of applications this sign up and the lady I talked to said she didn't think so and that this deadline seemed a lot lower then past ones. I emailed the lady who is evaluating the applications asking about mine and I also asked about the number of apps too. Hopefully I will hear back from her soon and confirm the good news!! But that makes me extremely hopeful and it should for everyone else as well!!! Heres hoping everyone gets in!!! YAY!! Now off to study for my pharm test lol
  4. by   tosh2mosh
    Thanks mkearns for emailing her. My points are not posted yet either I am hoping they will post today because I handed in my app on the 23rd. Others who handed in their apps on the 14th got their points posted on the 29th. thats 2 weeks and a day, so today is 2 weeks and a day for me. Hope they post soon. Only worry is, if there are less apps this time around, why so long to post points? Hope there is nothing wrong. I don't remember last years hopefulls saying anything about waiting for their points to post. Let us know when you get an answer.
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  5. by   Nurse070
    I forgot who I talked to (either Mr. boles or Latisha) but one of them said that there was only one person going thru all the applications so thats probably why its taking so long.
  6. by   mjmommy23
    Someone earlier in the thread said that they were told that there was already a tremendous amount of applications in and it was a week or two before deadline. I hope that there weren't that many also!! We should start asking when we will find out...like everyone just start calling and emailing lmao!! There is definitely only one person processing though so I can understand why it is taking so long...but I turned my app in on the 8th and my points posted a while ago. We need a definite date to go by so we can all relax a little.
  7. by   monablue
    Well, last term took too long for post my points, more than 3 weeks, actually mine were posted after second week of deadline. Last night I dreamed that cut off was 23.42 lol woow! I'm obsessed lol so this morning I woke up full of energy and positive and now with your news.... I'm so happy and nervous. Ooh God! "I got a feeling.... This is it" for us
  8. by   Bremac88
    The wait is killing me and I don't even expect to get in this time around lol. I can only imagine how those of you are feeling who applied with the hopes of getting in this application period!!
  9. by   mjmommy23
    Quote from Bremac88
    The wait is killing me and I don't even expect to get in this time around lol. I can only imagine how those of you are feeling who applied with the hopes of getting in this application period!!
    What are your points looking like...?
  10. by   Bremac88
    Quote from mjmommy23

    What are your points looking like...?
    Some where around 23 or 24 I suppose. I'm finishing my bachelors at FAU right now so I just applied to see what it's like and to make sure there is no discrepancies with my application when I apply for January. By then I'll have volunteer work completed, critical thinking done, an extra point for my degree and another shot at the HESI seeing that I only got the 6 points which probably had something to do with me being 9 months preg when I took it and completely sleep deprived lol.
  11. by   teeramisuu
    I dont know guys. Im hearing mixed things about the number of applicants. My points still arent up yet...i prob check every 20mins lol this is driving me insane! Some of these comments are making me feel a little better though...i can def see there being less applicants this time...lets hope its true! stay positive!
  12. by   mjmommy23
    Bremac- I hope you are suprised and actually get in

    Hope everyone's points post soon!!
  13. by   monablue
    Well...other day without points posted, but a less day of horrible waiting. We'll se tomorrow