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Hey everyone:spin: I will be starting nursing school in August and will have a part time job @ a bank. where, when and how many hours of the week do you work? Is it hard or tolerable? Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   MB37
    12 breakfree, you sound like me! My DH more than encouraged me, he pushed me to go back to school for something, and is so proud to tell people that his wife is going to nursing school. He also makes enough that we could get by with just his income, but it would be tight. I have worked during prereqs, and I start an accelerated program in May. I am going to start by cutting to 2 days a week of work, and if I have to quit he will be 100% OK with that. His sacrifice is that he wants to have kids ASAP, and I'm making him wait until I finish my BSN - it's only 17 months away now, and I don't want to try to miss a semester (or even a week) of an accelerated program.
  2. by   Hind12
    I am in the middle of my RN school. I have a part time (flex) job at the local hospial as a extern in a med/surg ICU. Previous of my nursing school I've had no expirence in any medical area. I would def recomend a RELATED job if you are going to work. I work maybe 15hrs a week. Just hearing the terms, matching what diseases and tools you hear about in class with them in real life has increased my nursing IQ tremendously.
  3. by   Blessed2BeMommy
    I am sitting for my NCLEX PN on April 5th and I graduate my RN program in October of this year. I work 3-5 12 hour shifts each week as a unit secretary and have 6 homeschooled children and a disabled husband.

    It can be done... you just have to try to NEVER get behind!
  4. by   RN BSN 2009
    I couldnt imagine working and NS at the same time, I'm in a BSN program.
  5. by   VieraGrl1030
    Quote from Jessica 392
    Tried working...damn near failed out of school.

    It's really super frustrating for me, too because unlike just about everyone else in my program, I don't have kids, or even a boyfriend to take up my time. I sit next to girls with 3-4 kids, husbands at home, working full time...I am in absolute awe of them.:bowingpur

    Don't mean to turn this into a little pity party for myself, but since my mom gave me the opportunity to just go to school & not work (which I am beyond grateful for), I've felt like no matter what I do in life, what kind of nurse I turn out to be, no matter how many pts I touch, I'll never be able to say that I really did it by myself. So that's kind of a bummer.

    I asked one of my instructors how these women can pull it off with the kids & the boyfriends & working & everything else & she told me, "Well, if you ever want something to get done, give it to a busy person." I think there's something to that. People that already have a full plate are accustomed to going without sleep, to realizing what tasks can get done half-assed, what things can wait until tomorrow, etc.

    So, that's my experience. Literally, 99% of the students in my program can do it - I'm the 1% that can't. Not whining! I'm okay with being that 1% - it's not how you get to the finish line, it's just getting there.
    I am in a similar situation... My mom pays for my school, my car, my insurance, health insurance. My boyfriend gives me gas money and pays for my cell phone. All my mom asks is that I get good grades. Which should be easy for me, I am very smart, but I can never seem to get motivated to study. I am getting by right now with C's and I don't even open a book, but I know I could get straight A's. I wish I could start to feel excited and buckle down. I am trying to get there before I blow it and I get the "financial" rug pulled out from under me.
  6. by   NovaNursingStudent
    Hello! I go to Nova Southeastern and i'll be starting my third semester soon! wow, time goes by fast! I worked for the first half of my first semester. I only worked about ten hours a week, but it was worth it since my company was leaving the city and i was hanging around for the severance pay. I go to a private school with a pretty heafty price. I'm 22 and always have been independent so now that i am not working and depending on my parents makes me feel like a bit of a i decided to help them out. I applied for an RA position and got it. I get free university housing, a meal plan and 300 dollars a month. This way, my parents don't have to worry about giving me money for food or entertainment. It seems to be a pretty comfortable job since i'm on campus and all. I think this might be a good option for younger students without kids and a way to aliviate the burden on parents or other family members.
    I also know people in my class that work full time and have children. My hat is off to them! so, if you are considering work during nursing school, it is by no means impossible. Try it out, if it's worth it and does not cause you to fail, then go for it!
  7. by   vina2550
    Renee if you plan on going to school full-time i can only tell you work part- time if you must work. Or if possible go to school part-time and work part-time that way wont be so hectic on you. Well good luck to you.
  8. by   Blessed2BeMommy
    Quote from vina2550
    Renee if you plan on going to school full-time i can only tell you work part- time if you must work. Or if possible go to school part-time and work part-time that way wont be so hectic on you. Well good luck to you.
    Look, if you have to work you have to work... To update from my post above, I am now working full time as an LPN in a pediatric long term care facility. I get home from my 12 hour shifts and practically pass out on the couch because I'm so tired.

    But I HAVE to work and I HAVE to support my family (six kids and a disabled husband) and I HAVE to do well in nursing school.... so I do. It's not fun, I'll never say it was fun! But it is doable. Just be prepared that it is going to take every ounce of strength, energy and organization that you have.
  9. by   furturenurse
    I started with getting my CNA Certification that way I can work part time while doing my LPN. I feel is important to have a job related to your field of study. Is a great learning experience.
  10. by   gradRN2007
    I was in a parttime transition program at MDC and I worked full time nights, school was 2 days a week and when I got to leadership I had to work only 3 nights since school was 3 days..I was a 4.0 going into school and eventually got the mindset that no one asks you what your gpa was when you go for an interview and/or to take (and pass) the nclex! I still maintain a 3.3-3.4 but got my share of lower grades...Some students that didn't pass weren't working so go figure..(i worked in the lab)
  11. by   kcmo06
    i would like to know how did you get the job as a pharmacy technician, im going to school this fall at florida hospital and i will need a job.... so if you have any suggestions let me know... thanks
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    I also live in Orlando. I work at one of the area hospitals as a pharmacy technician. I only work 16 hours a week, due to the large amount of study time needed but it pays bills so I cant complain.
  12. by   kcmo06
    i was wondering were is you school located b/c im coming to orlando this fall and i will need a job b/c i realize that i do better when im more busy... so any imformation about the RA job i would appreciate it a lot thanks... by the way im single no kids....
  13. by   RN4life#1
    I will be starting ns in August and I will be working 22 hrs per week at a hospital as a PCT (patient care tech). I have a hubby and two kids 2 and 9 y/o, so wish me luck!