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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   akspudus
    Quote from Nursingforever
    Hello everybody,,, I need information about Marie Etienne.... I am really scared. She will be my prof. for med-surg and skills the next second semester. Any advice???? Thanks....
    I had her for Assessment and med/surg. She is a challenge as are all professors in nursing school...but she gives you all sorts of study materials, powerpoints, study guides for exams..etc..etc. Her goal is to teach you the material...not have a class full of A's. If you have questions...ask. If you don't get them answered in class, schedule a meeting with her. She is very approachable.

    I studied my @ss off, worked hard and got earned an A in both classes I took from her.

    Good luck.

  2. by   akspudus
    Quote from butterflyyessy
    I like Ponce, but it is not my fav class! I find the material...mostly boring. I am also passing with a B which is scary because to be honest I do not believe it will get any easier then this. Can you imagine next semester? We are going to be clawing for an escape. Between Pharm, and Med Surg....scary.
    Best piece advice that I got about med/surg...and int was from Professor Ponce. If you want to have the best chance of Acing med/surg...get the book Medical-Surgical made Incredibly Easy. During the break between semester, read the pathophysiological sections in each chapter. Don't bother with the nursing care...just the patho. Get an brief understanding for the various disease processes you will encounter in med/surg. Make sure you get in the habit of looking up terminology. Words like dysmenorrhea or hypercapnia or thrombocytopenia...learn how to pick those words apart so that when you get stumped by one, you can sort of get a clue.
    Get a review and rationale book. Study your ATI book.

    And oh yeah...that great pathophysio understanding will help you a lot in pharm as well. But, make sure you understand the autonomic nervous system. Learn the receptors for both sides of the system and what they control.

    Don't be can DO IT!!
    Hope this helps.

  3. by   Jessica1024
    Sounds like a hand full. I have to admit that even this first semester is very easy material and I still manage to make only Bs. Can you imagine when everything gets hard. In fact a lot of people are actually not passing the class. The good thing is that we still have two test and people still have time to boost that grade up. I am looking forward to Med surg and yet I am not looking forward at the same time. Nursing is wonderful and scary at the same time. I just hope next semester is bearable. I feel as if I am in complete overload all the time, and to be honest I am tired, and stressed out to my fullest. I am very nervous about the critical thinking exam( the care plan). Hopefully I will do good. After all this has been a hard semester, but it has been better then I thought and I have been able to manage very well. I hardly study on the weekends ( I have two small kids) and I am still able to relax sometimes.

    Anyone else happy with how nursing school is going?
  4. by   Jessica1024
    Did a practice critical thinking and I actually did so much better then I thought. I passed one side and failed the other, but where I failed, it was things that I know I could do. The goals were all met, and that was super important for me. I really like my professors.

    Actually a lot of students complain about Ponce for fundamentals, but I think she is WONDERFUL. Like I said before, it is not my fav subject, but she is intereasting to hear in class, she always says little stories, and relates it to herself, keeps the three hour lecture intereasting.

    I also love that she is very by the book. She really wants to make good nurses out of the students, and she is very straight forward.

    I don't mind, I think she does a wonderful job with the powerpoints, and so far what I have found in nursing is that if you work hard you will pass. Even if it is with a B or a C. It takes a lot of individual work, and little motivation from the teachers. I have been blessed with ALL the professors this semester. I really feel that MDC has a good program. I really am happy there. Frustrated sometimes, but happy.

    Sometimes I think these blogs are a diary,but it really helps me to get by and look forward to another day. If I can just write about and see the good, then I am fine. Nursing school is hard, but so far it has been well worth it. I am happy with my progress, and happy that I am learning a lot.
  5. by   henne21
    Quote from gradRN2007
    i graduated from the transiitional program and the ati books are given to you of course they are part of the program and i am sure you pay for them somewhere the semester fees...
    you don't have a choice you have to take them and they were okay but not my favorite...good luck
    Can u please tell me a bit about your experience in the trans program
  6. by   henne21
    Hello did u take the NACE exam yet, if so how was it. I need to take the test as well I need an idea of the material needed to study. THANKS
  7. by   henne21
    Hello did u take the NACE exam yet, if so how was it. I need to take the test as well I need an idea of the material needed to study. THANKS
  8. by   Nursingforever
    I am very happy!!!! I passed my critical thinking care plan,,,,Tomorrow, fundamentals!!!! OMG...
  9. by   Jessica1024
    Congrats!!! I passed the critical thinking too! Thank God it was an easy scenerio. I had been praying for one with constipation. I am sad about tomorrows final because I have not studied. Shame on me. Now I feel bad. I am studying everything now, and finishing up whatever I missed by at least 11 tonight. I should be fine. Most of it is just a review and the other stuff is not too much. How is everyone else doing?

    Here comes next semester. WOW!!!! It has been a fast four months, and super busy. I am excited about some free time and actually reading a book or something. The only thing I hate is how I have to do all that stuff in front of a professor, the test and everything. Makes me so nervous. I just need to remember to breath.

    Anyway good luck to everyone.
  10. by   unicorndreams8
    Hi - this may be a little bit off the beat but I also go to MDC and am working towards getting into the nursing program but for now, I'm taking the prerequisites.

    I read where another member stated that she spent $1000 on book for the 1st semester alone. I can see how that can happen if you buy the book new but in my case, I was able to buy the books used and some new at largely discounted prices but had to do ALOT of research and in the entire time I was looking and am now looking again, I was thinking "there has to be an easier way". So I guess my plight, question, there any type of "student forum"..."student exchange" site where someone can go a particular college and get help from other students in relations to...for example...if they want to sell a books they no longer use from a particular college or are "looking" for books or have questions regarding a particular class, etc.

    Does anybody know if there is anything out there like this?

    Thanks, B
  11. by   heynow1313
    I'm hoping some of you on this thread can help me out.
    I'm relatively new to this forum and only at the beginning of my nursing process. I'm moving home to Florida and am starting the Spring semester at MDC by taking the following pre-req's: A&P I w/ lab, and Nutrition. What is the best/cheapest way to go about getting my textbooks? I went on MDC's website and know the books I need but would rather get them used on-line(amazon?)

    I have been out of school for 10 years and am applying to various accelerated BSN programs in florida. When I was in school, you just bought the books used at the university bookstore but I know there are other/better options nowadays.

    Does anyone have any advice?
  12. by   FutureRN1976

    I actually "rent" my books from them, and return them when the semester is over. I paid about $40 for each book..hope that helps
  13. by   heynow1313
    Thanks so much for your prompt response! I didn't know I could rent them? How do I go about that?