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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Thanks butterfly!!! You better believe when I start in January I will be on this message board asking you for advice LOL!! Do you have any tips for the newbies???
  2. by   Jessica1024
    Tips help so much.First thing is first, there will be people who failed the class in your class. Do not listen to them. They have negative experiences because they failed. While some of the things they say might be true, they are more biased by their negative experience. Nursing first semester is not TOO TOO hard, but it is tidious and you do need to study A LOT. Test after test after test. It is scary, but it is in fact very doable. You will see that you will do wonderful, and long as you take it as it is. Do not be a perfectionist because A's in classes are very hard (doable but hard.) For example, in a test of like 35 you can only miss two questions or 1 in order to get an A. Not only that but the questions are super tricky. The critical thinking test are something you NEED NEED to practice. Do not worry about the grades, just worry about the passing because the classes themselves will give you a bunch of stress with all the darn test at the same time. So stay on top of it thats all.

    Please please please when you get into the program feel FREE to ask lots of questions, I love to help students who are coming in because I myself have had a lot A LOT of help from other students, and I am very happy to be supportive.

    So either way I usually check in when they leave messages all the time, and I know when you get in you will have even more questions, just like I ask other students for help when I am in doubt or scared, like I am now about next semester. Keep me updated on your experiences.
  3. by   akspudus
    Quote from butterflyyessy
    Hey Akpudus (Did I spell it right? LOL)

    Just saw the professors are out. What is your opion on Prof Marie Etienne?

    Any ideas on how she treats her students, and if they are able to pass her class. I have heard many neg comments about the way she teaches, and that she favors certain students a lot more. Is this true?

    Right now I am taking Ponce, and I love her. Her class is very doable. Just study her powerpoints and study from the book and you should do perfect.

    I am just worried because this other prof seems horrible, and I have her for two classes, not only that but it is a difficult class too. (MED SURG.) I have heard horrors. Please let me know so that I know how to approach this situation. You just know everything. TELL ME BEFORE YOU DISAPPEAR AGAIN PLEASE! Its AK Spud US...spud as in potato. Long story.
    Anyhow, first of all I wouldn't speak badly of any of the professors at MDC. Yes, some are better than others but none are horrible. I took Adult Health Assessment and Med/Surg from Professor Etienne. Aced wasn't easy but I did it. Professor Etienne does identify more with the Haitian students...but does not give them any sort of favoritism. I'm one of the very few male gringo students at MDC. I earned her respect and she earned mine...I learned a lot and earned my grade. Wasn't because of any favoritism at all.
    Otherwise..she goes way out of her way to make materials available to students. Not only powerpoints...but name it. She is tough..demands a lot...but you will learn a lot. In fact...the more I think of it....most of my success in nursing school probably comes from her demanding me to learn things at a great level...instead of the "getting by" level. Since nursing school builds from one class to the next, having that firm foundation will help you in those later classes.
    My recommendation is to take her class. But, get ready to work. If you ace her will find acing the rest of nursing school a heck of a lot easier.

    Tell professor Ponce hello from me. I had her for fundamentals lecture and fundamental clinical. I learned a lot from her...and greatly appreciate what she taught me.

    Hope this helps

  4. by   Jessica1024
    That you. Sounds great, but at the same time sounds much more difficult then perhaps another professor that might be teaching the same thing. I hope I do good in her class. I don't ask for an A but I do want to do good. I have heard pretty scary things about her and how difficult her test are. I am scared, but what can I do. Ponce is wonderful. her test come from the powerpoints and book which she explains very very well, so I do love her.
  5. by   Jessica1024
    BTW what would you recommed for her med surg class. How did you study for her class? With her powerpoints? Or howN Let me know please.
  6. by   akspudus
    I would recommend studying her PowerPoints. Listening very intently during her lectures. Take good notes. Get a med/surg review and rationales book and study each applicable sections just before each exam.
    Make sure you understand the disease they are going to effect the patient..and then applying the nursing process to the situation. Don't be afraid to ask her questions....don't be afraid to study. She gives study guides for each exam...make sure you spend the time to use them.

    BTW...there were two professors that taught med/surg when I went through. The other class was miserable and didn't have nearly the grades we had in our class. Also, quite a few of them suffered later on in nursing school...mainly because they didn't get that good foundation.

  7. by   QLG23
    Hey Everyone!

    My orientation is on Thursday and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what i should wear/bring? Thanks!

  8. by   SURPR1Z3
    Hello everyone,

    I am graduating FIU Dec. '08 with a BA in Education, but I'm having a change of heart wanting to pursue a career in nursing. I am a bit confused as to the GPA MDC looks at for admittance to the AO program. I spoke to an advisor from the medical campus who said that they only look at my MDC GPA and not my Bachelors GPA from FIU. I have only taken 5 classes at MDC only because I was transferring from Nova to FIU and missed the FIU deadline. My grades at Nova weren't too great due to my consumption into a baseball scholarship I had received, so my CUM GPA for MDC is a 3.2 because of my transfer credits. I currently have a 3.62 CUM at FIU, not including my classes from this semester, and the bulk of my credits (92) have been taken at FIU. I want to know if it is correct what the advisor told me. I do not believe the advisor was on the right page to be honest, but there were no other advisors to speak to. If anyone can clarify or help me out in anyway i would greatly appreciate it.

  9. by   Nursingforever
    Hello everybody,,, I need information about Marie Etienne.... I am really scared. She will be my prof. for med-surg and skills the next second semester. Any advice???? Thanks....
  10. by   Jessica1024
    There are some tips on her above. I asked the same question. see you next semester?
  11. by   Nursingforever
    Thanks butterflyyessy... We are in the same boat.... If other people did it, why not us??? I am also with ponce. I love her, I love her class,, and I am passing with B. It is my favorite class in this first semester..
    Thank you again..
  12. by   QLG23
    Hey SURPR1Z3,

    I am starting the Accelerated Nursing Program this Spring and what the advisor told you is correct. They do only look at your GPA from Miami Dade. For example, I have a Bachelors degree from another institution but they did not look at the GPA, only my Miami Dade GPA which is a 4.0 Thank God! LOL. Although I'm new at this i would be glad to help if you have any other questions.

  13. by   Jessica1024
    I like Ponce, but it is not my fav class! I find the material...mostly boring. I am also passing with a B which is scary because to be honest I do not believe it will get any easier then this. Can you imagine next semester? We are going to be clawing for an escape. Between Pharm, and Med Surg....scary.