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hi, i wanted to know are there any mdc students who know any information on the nursing program. i have all my requirements and all i need is chemistry. i am trying to apply to the accelerated... Read More

  1. by   Jessica1024
    There are some nursing classes that are offered online.
  2. by   Nips
    Quote from RNRDH
    Hi. I was accepted in the Transitional/Bridge Nursing program, and was wondering if you could please help me with something. I wanted to know if you would recommend doing the nursing program online. Do you feel the online nursing program is fairly easy? Did you continue to work? How hard is the first semester? Do you think it gets harder towards the ending? Do the instructors give power points? Do you take the exams online or in class?

    Thanks in advance

    I am an online student. I think the online classes are great and they really work for me. The bridge program is for those that have experience already and is made to build on the skills you have so face-to-face instruction is not necessary. There is face-to-face interaction w/instructors and other students via workshops and clinicals.

    All the information on our tests comes strictly from our reading assignments, so if you are a disciplined reader, you should not have a hard time w/the program online. The online program breaks down the grades as such
    • 35 points for midterm (taken on campus)
    • 45 points for final (taken on campus)
    • 10 points for quizzes (taken @ home online)
    • 5 points for participation
    • 5 points for ATI
    In my opinion this is great because you get an opportunity make 20 easy points because the quizzes, though they are timed, are open book. And the ATI and participation assignments are a no brainer. So if you read what is told to you and you make great notes, you can get the points you need.

    We have lost a few students, as w/any Nursing program, however, the people that failed did not give 100% due to work or family issues. All in all I think we lost 7 students (including one that dropped for personal reasons) out of the 35 that started. Plus, the online students have better board results than the face-to-face students per many of the instructors that work for the Nursing program. So being in the online program does not hurt your chances of doing well on the boards.

    With any option there are pros are cons. If you do not have the discipline, you should do face-to-face, but if you want to avoid paying for gas and sitting in traffic just to go to school for a two hour lecture, then online might be a better option.
  3. by   SouthernAsh
    I was under the impression it was for generic. Sorry If I posted misinformation. I see now that I misread.
  4. by   RNRDH
    Thank you very much for taking time and responding to me; it is greatly appreciated. Your advice was very informative. I know you are going to be an excellent registered nurse. Your information was very helpful. Thanks again
  5. by   gradRN2007
    Dear RNRDH,
    You are welcome, good luck and any help I can give let me know
  6. by   Nursingforever
    Hello everybody,,,, I am really worried.. Fortunately, I passed my first test for Fundamentals, but I am really scared for the second one in about two or three weeks. Many people failed this test. I am very sad for them because I want that all of us reach the second semester. If someone that can give us some advice, please let us know!!!!!!
  7. by   Jessica1024
    Don't worry. Get there first. I am also sad for people who might not have done to good in the first test. They still have chances to get to the second semester. This was just the first test. Now they know they have to really study for the next test.

    Nursing school is hard. I have done good, but I was very afraid that I would fail. I have not done all A's but I am passing well enough to be able to relax.

    For people who didn't pass on the first's ok They have more chances coming up. It's not the end of the road.
  8. by   akspudus
    Don't worry. What you need to do is split your study time between reading and going over PowerPoints (ingestion of information) with doing practice NCLEX style tests (digestion of information). You need to get into he habit of utalising the information that is given to you in your reading and in class. Nursing exams are ALL about inferances made from your knowledge.

    PRactice practice paractice. Get a review book. Do the practice tests...get the skill of taking a test DOWN.

    You will find the people that don't make it through fundamentals...didn't make it on account of a lack of study or intelligentce. But, a lack of test taking skill.

    Good luck.

  9. by   Jessica1024
    I agree 100 percent. These people are smart people that are motivated and sometimes they just get thrown off. I try to think a lot while taking the test, and critically placing everything together. Sometimes I overthink it. I didn't do excellent on the first test, but I did good. I am happy that I did good too. I know I need more pratice. At the same time I love using reason in nursing. The care plans we have to put together are almot fun, except we get tested on it...more stressful. I love putting the pieces together, and it is a lot of practice.

    Every patient is different and it makes the work much more intereasting. Not loving the nursing home. It is not for me at all. I feel horrible seeing these people the way they are. Thankfully they are not neglected. I like to talk a lot so it is hard for me to go into the room and talk to the patients and hardly if ever, get a response.

    I also am scared half to death of feeding the patients. Now I feel like feeding my babies is a walk in the park. I am afraid that the patients might choke or that I might hurt them. Just horrible. Dying to go to my third semester. I think I will find my calling there.

    I mean the whole elderly and med surg....I am not sure if it is for me. I love OB/GYN and I think that is what I might want to do. But that is the purpose of explore.

    How is everyone doing in their clinicals and in their first semester of nursing?
  10. by   QLG23
    I was accepted into the accelerated nursing program beginning this spring. Anybody else out there???? Would love to chat with fellow classmates! Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, info, anything? lol Thanks!:heartbeat
  11. by   Melissa7611
    Hey out there! Just wondering if anyone out there is starting the Generic program in January. I got accepted and wanted to see if anyone else out there will be my classmate? I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!
  12. by   FSUMiamiBoy
    Hey Melissa,

    I'm going to be starting the Generic program in Spring 2009 as well!! Woo hoo!! Congrats to us lol
  13. by   Melissa7611
    Hey FSUMiamiBoy!

    CONGRATS! and...nice to meet you! I can definately tell you are excited! lol! Can't wait to begin. Though i gotta admit .....i am nervous...i never thought i would get here! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! Have you met anyone else here that is going to begin the generic program in January as well?