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hi. ok here goes. I have a B.S. already. have taken a year of my pre-reqs of nursing- finmished those in may 2005 and still cannot get into a nursing school. Every school I apply to I have a... Read More

  1. by   flwannaB
    Just a suggestion but why not get your LPN? Most technical schools do not require prereqs and a lot of times, you have a much better chance at getting in RN school. You can also go through excelsior for LPN to RN. It's Nationally accredited. Medical assistants do not make as much as LPN. Starting pay is usually $10 per hour. I just graduated LPN school and got a job at a hospital starting at $15. Good luck.
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    the whole nursing school thing just stinks. here in fl. you have to take a college placement test then a t.a.b.e. test and then a net test. take pre req's and are still not guaranteed to get into nursing school. something is VERY wrong here. i am thinking about becoming a medical assistant. i don't really know what the pay is in the melbourne, fl area, but i am going to give it a shot. i am just waiting for my college application to be processed and i have sent in my financial aide package. i found out my "expected family contribution" is going to be 0. yeah! i think that means i wont have to pay anything to go to school. good luck. i hear radiography pays very well.
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    flwannaB...update your're no longer a wanna B. Anyhow,what hospital are you working at now?
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    Well I guess I wanna B an RN now. LOL. So far so good with the hospital. I had my orientation today. Very very excited!!! Now on to the NCLEX.
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    flwannaB...update your're no longer a wanna B. Anyhow,what hospital are you working at now?
  4. by   jrussole
    Hi, my girlfriend Carol took the Regents classes online. She was previously a teacher, but wanted to become a nurse. It took her two years and then she was a nurse, with an ASN. I think it is a more practical way of affording college, especially if you have children at home. Honestly, you don't really learn the real stuff until you are out there working anyway. You learn the basics in nursing school. I don't think you need a certain GPA to get in. And I believe you can transfer quite a few credits in the program. If I were you, I would look into it.
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    flwannaB...update your're no longer a wanna B. Anyhow,what hospital are you working at now?

    NRS2bNFL ~ you go to SPC right? How many times have you applied there?
    Are you finished with all your pre reqs?
  6. by   Ltorres5351
    Oh no don't do that, dont give up listen you and I have alot in similarities. I also have a Bachelors degree and 2 yrs of pre-requisites. Im also in miami. You know I have been so stress, I decided to just go and do LPN cuz u know once you have that you can do your RN bridge without any issues...believe me girl its hard I know what u been through I also have a child and its hard,listen let me know what you are thinking of doing maybe you also may have any suggestions for me...


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    hi. ok here goes. I have a B.S. already. have taken a year of my pre-reqs of nursing- finmished those in may 2005 and still cannot get into a nursing school. Every school I apply to I have a different GPA.. which is between a 2.75-3.0.. go figure that one right.. anyways, Im soo frustrated. I dont wanna do this anymore. I never found work with my first degree and sitting and waiting at jobs I worked at 8 years ago is killing me. I finally got into a school as an alternate but that wait is killing me.. also we have to go to orientation, CPR pay money and everything(not even knowing if Im getting in). Im about to just say forget it and go for dental hygienist or radiation therapy, at MDC etc..or go get my masters.. or go join the who knows if my GPA will get me into that either) .. any tips..Oh yea.. I have 2 young children and money (living expenses is a BIG factor)
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  7. by   FLONCNURSE
    What is meant to be will be. Keep your options open. Dont become discouraged. Dont do Kieser college. Did you try other community colleges and universities in Florida? Are you willing to relocate? Try Gainesville area, UCF, Florida Hospital has a program and is very good reputation. Also, Palm Beach Community College. There are several out there you just have to do alot of the footwork. Good Luck fellow nurse.
  8. by   Cherybaby
    I went to Pasco-Hernando Community College for my PN training. It's a great school. Be very careful with the tech schools. Stay far away from Keiser and Webster.

    All I am going to tell you is to make sure the passion is so unshakeable in your heart that NOTHING will allow you to give up. That's how you know you are meant to be a nurse. Failure is not an option...and even if you have to retake the test 3 times or more...the drive to be a nurse is first and foremost in your heart.

    If you are feeling like that is waivering, nursing may not be for you...and there is nothing wrong with that. There are a zillion jobs in the healthcare field that you might be better suited for.

    Regardless of what you do decide to do...just be the best at it that you can be. That's all anyone can ever ask of themselves.

  9. by   nubiafl
    why do you guys say: stay way from keiser? i ant to become a nurse and also don't know where to go. i know pbcc is very competitive and i might try a private instituitions. do you guys also know of any program or scholarship?

  10. by   momathoner09
    I was you! Minus the 2 children though which I suppose is a fairly big factor. In any case, I had been through everthing else you had mentioned and it took me 3 years to get into nursing school! I kept applying to the same schools and I would make the alternate list or get accepted into LPN programs (no disrespect to any LPNs, it just wasn't what I wanted to do). I finally had to start looking outside of the area where I lived ( I am not sure if this is a viable option for you). I had to quit my full-time job and move 3 hours away but I got in. The school I was accepted to is fairly competitive too but they had a different way of ranking people and it wasn't a numbers thing. They took into account prior degrees, related work experience, certificates, and even had an essay portion. In other words please don't give up if this is really what you want to do, don't settle for a program just b/c it accepts you, and don't stop knocking on those doors..eventually one of them will open for you. I cried over many a rejection letter before I got in. But I still remember calling my mom the day I finally did get accepted as she screamed for joy in the phone. Best of luck to you!
  11. by   tencents
    Your last post was quite a while ago. But I just wanted to let you know that I completely understand. I also have a B.S. (special education). I started taking pre-reqs. last year...only to denied at a Community college. So, I did some more research and soul-searching and stumbled on Occupational Therapy. There are Master's level programs (which, since this year will be the required level of education to be certified) that are for people w/B.S./B.A. degrees.
    After working at a school for students with developmental disabilities and watching the OTR's work....i was inspired. They have a lot more fun that nursing! If kids aren't your thing...there's SO many options in the field.
  12. by   roso614
    wha did you decide to do? did you do radiation therapy?
  13. by   weezyljm
    Follow your gut instincts.....if it tells you quit - then quit. Nursig is NOTall it's cracked up yo be careerwise.