Help with how to get RN!

  1. Hi, I am a junior in High School, and I have finally found out what I want to do with my a am really confused on how to go about getting my RN liscense. I am currently in Introduction to Health Care this is a 9 week course in my school, and next 9 wks, I am in Medical Terminology, then next year, my Senior year, I am going to be in Patient Care Tech, which is when our class goes to the Nursing Home and volunteers, then at the end of next year, I take the CNA exam, and hopefully get my CNA liscense...anyways...after graduation...what do I do to get my RN liscense? Do I have to get an AA degree before I go to my community college in the nursing program...or are the pre-req's included in the nursing program?...Gosh why does this have to be so confusing! All I want to do is be a RN!!!...oh...and I would love to specialize in Pediatrics...but how do i do that? Do I have to go to 2 or 4 more years of school to do that?...Please Help!
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  3. by   Beary-nice
    Hi there and Welcome!

    I am glad to see that you are so interested in nursing!

    Sounds like you are on your way. Some people choose to take their pre-requisites before applying to a nursing school. Others take them as part of a program. An Associate's Degree in Nursing will take two years, a Bachelor's Degree will take about four. There may be some classes that you have had in high school that can apply either way if college credit was given for them. Have you talked to your guidance counselor about your aspirations???? There are many options out there and you can still go into pediatrics when you are done. I can tell you are excited...never lose the fire! Good luck!
  4. by   cheat25
    I wish I had my life figured out that well as a Jr in HS. I am 25 and first became a LPN, then ADN, and now finally have my BSN. I would reccomend going to a college where you can get your BSN. It will take about 4 years, but you will be able to work as a CNA through school, so you will still be doing a lot of what nursing is about while you learn. I went about it the long way, and there were a lot of classes that I had to repeat because a credit would not transfer or degree requirements were different. I would reccomend an accredited program that requires chemistry and statistics. This will allow you to bridge to master's some day if you so choose.
    If you are sure you want to become a RN wihth as little school time as possible, get an associate's and go be a peds nurse! Good luck! - Carol
  5. by   ann945n
    I would get into running start asap, i wish i had. Any highschool class you have taken will not transfer to college so you will be repeating english chem math ect unless you can test out of them once you get to college. If you have taken AP level classes then those can transfer to college. Thats why get into running start so you arent repeating chem and english and math, its a waste to do them twice in my opinion. Also that way you will be able to take college classes and on the states penny, always good. Then start looking at schools to get your ADN or BSN and go for it. Be sure to get really good grades cause getting into school is very hard, took me 3 years of trying. Good luck!
  6. by   MB37
    Where in Florida are you? At USF where I am going to school, they have a "first time in college" program for high-achieving high school students. I don't know the specs, but if you're anywhere near Tampa they do an info session on Wednesday afternoons. It puts you on track to earn your BSN in 4 years - with guaranteed admission to the nursing college as long as you maintain decent grades. Worth checking into, and other public schools may offer something similar. Good luck!
  7. by   PedsRN1991
    Since we don't know where you are in Florida...try an online search of the local nursing programs. You will see the prereq's they require, how much the programs are, if there is a long wait list.

    It is great that you know what you want to do. Good luck!!!