FGCU Nursing Program Spring 2012

  1. Howdy Ya'll!
    I'm applying for FGCU College of Nursing for Spring 2012.
    I'm really nervous, this is my last and probably final attempt in trying to get into a nursing school. What are your statistics? Competition is stiff and I hope I can match up.
    Here are mine:
    GPA (Overall): 3.6
    GPA (Science): 3.55
    TEAS (Percentile Rank Program Score): 84
    TEAS (Science): 79.2

    If anyone has any information, please pass it along my way! Thanks!
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  3. by   RN2BJ
    I will also be applying to FGCU for Nursing, but for Fall 2012. i haven't taken the TEAS so i was wondering if anybody has any advices on what to study for the exam??? Also are chemistry and sociology pre-reqs for the program???

    Any advices, please let me know
  4. by   emcadams
    I was wondering the same thing...I have about a 3.3 overall...4.0 in prereqs. Haven't taken the TEAS, but studying for it now. I just got all the stuff from the ATI website. They make the test, so I am banking on the assumption they want people to benefit from the materials they put out. So far they are pretty helpful. I will take the TEAS when my grades for this semester are out.
  5. by   WannaBNursey
    I'm applying for the Fall as well. I just turned in my application for admittance at the school and the admissions people told me they were going to push it forward. I haven't taken the TEAS at FGCU yet, but I did pretty well on the HESI, so hopefully that will translate to the TEAS test. Right now I have a 3.49 overall GPA, but FGCU hasn't evaluated all of my courses yet. My GPA for the nursing core classes is pretty rough. I have a 2.8 for just the science classes. Somebody had told me before that the FGCU nursing program only looks at the overall GPA and not the pre-req GPA. I just want to double check that to be sure. Do they look at the science TEAS score or just the overall TEAS score?
  6. by   emcadams
    Just took the TEAS at FGCU...I got a 94 with an 89 in science. I exclusively used the materials provided by ATI Testing. I have a 4.0 (3.4 overall) in all my prereqs so far, so mostly this helped to go over things I had forgotten about. I think I mostly found the review sections helpful, especially for English grammar and Science and math. I didn't look over the reading that much. Doing all of the practice tests, i was scoring around 82-86, so it IS POSSIBLE to do better than the practice tests say you are going to. Good luck!
  7. by   WannaBNursey
    How much weight is placed on the TEAS test? FGCU doesn't list how they weigh their admissions. They just updated by transcript and left out a bunch of courses that I had A's in, so I only have a 3.39
  8. by   emcadams

    On the FGCU website, it states that they look at the TEAS and overall GPA. They did the same to me and left off many classes from my previous degree that I had done well in...my prereqs have helped to bring it to the 3.4 it is now though. So 3.39 aint bad, missy! I am not aware of any particular weight given to either the TEAS or the GPA. Just do your best! I spent about 2 weeks going over the ATI materials. If you have recently taken Chemistry and Biology, then you may not need all that time. I would just submit all your stuff and see what happens...worst case you need to wait another year, and in the mean time maybe you can take more courses to bring up the GPA? Will Edison let you retake any of your prereqs? I know they have some kind of 'wipe the board clean' thing that you can do with one or two classes...talk to an advisor about it! I highly recommend the ATI materials...it was EXactly the format/question type of the actual test. Of course, the questions varied but the content was the same. I spent a lot of time going over certain topics (like domain, kingdom, phylum; hydrocarbons, etc) that gave me trouble...and of course none of that was on my test.
  9. by   WannaBNursey
    Just took the TEAS and got a 77. So I have a 3.39 GPA and a 77 on the TEAS If this doesn't work out, I'm going to go into Special Education since it's my plan B (I've actually been going between nursing and education over and over again until I finally decided on nursing) so I'm not freaking out nearly so much. Thanks for all the help you guys!
  10. by   rrosado1
    IF you had an F in a class and re take it does fgcu still look at the F or just look a =t the new grade.. Did anyone find out if the got into the nursing program im applyin for fall 2013
  11. by   samiam856
    Try looking on the website or calling the school. Every school is different. Some don't allow you to retake, some only allow one class to be retaken, and others don't care how many times you retake any class. However, keep In mind that since nursing school is HIGHLY COMPETITIVE it does have the possibility to put you behind others who only had to take it once. Your best bet is to talk to someone in the department and see what they tell you. Good luck!